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MTD112 Loudspeaker

MTD112 Loudspeaker

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Package of 2 x MTD112
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by L'Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered
ID: 72066 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Package of 2 x MTD112 + amplifiers + filters in flight of 2...
3 Available
2 850,00 €


The MTD112 is a passive loudspeaker containing a 2" compression driver that is directly loaded by the 12" loudspeaker in a true coaxial alignment. Advantages of the coaxial approach include: total wave-front coherency at any frequency, identical horizontal and vertical overage, ideal matching of the directivity to semi-reverberant environments, single point source radiation and excellent phase coherency. Coaxial technology also provides symmetrical dispersion characteristics that are free of the polar lobing effects typical of traditional horn and woofer combinations.

The MTD112 can be used in medium power FOH applications for theatres, nightclubs or corporate events and is ideal for distributed (multiple source) applications. Examples of distributed systems include delay rings for large scale installations and surround effects channels for theatre or multimedia. Due to its compact size and full range passive performance, the MTD112 is also a cost effective solution for front fill in concert sound reinforcement. The geometry of the enclosure is wedge-shaped, allowing it to be used as a floor monitor or integrated with an array of ARCS enclosures for downfill. The MTD112 can also be used with subwoofers for side fill or drum mounting.