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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The Ashly CLX-52 is a 2-channel compressor/limiter that uses an "infinite soft-knee" characteristic and timing based on compression ratio. This, combined with a dual release time, allows program density to increase as the input signal increases....
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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ System Processors

Our Protea System Processors (SPs) with DSP deliver premium sonic performance with an intuitive and user-friendly software platform. The 3.6SP (3-in x 6-out) and 4.8SP (4-in x 8-out) are a great choice for both live sound and use in fixed installations li...
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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Our KLR Series are high-efficiency, high-power 2-channel amplifiers that are the ideal choice for high-output speaker systems, line arrays, dual 18” subwoofers and much more. If you think you need to use an expensive, European amplifier to get a clean, st...
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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Mixers: 16 Channels & Smaller

The MX-406 is a rack-mountable six-input, stereo mic/line mixer designed to be used in fixed or portable installations. Each input will accept either microphone or line-level signals. If microphones are used, a -20dB pad switch is available. The microphon...
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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Amplification

NX Multi-Mode Amplifiers are designed for your most demanding installations. NX amplifiers are trust-worthy, power amplifiers that install and configure into virtually any architecture and sound environment. What is Multi-Mode? NX Amplifiers feature Sel...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Amplification

In many system installations, you can replace an entire rack of pro audio gear—with a single Pema. Pema with it’s new sleek look, is a Protea-Equipped Media Amplifier—either 4 or 8-channel at 250 Watts or 125 Watts per channel. Pema is a matrix mixer—all...
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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Amplification

NE Series Amplifiers are uniquely designed around an energy-efficient Class-D platform with a switching power supply. Connecting and controlling an amplifier for networked systems has now been simplified with Network-Enabled Amplifiers. This line offers e...
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by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Mixers: 16 Channels & Smaller

The TM Series of compact tabletop mixer/amplifiers are the products of choice in small restaurants, retail stores, bistros, convenience stores and mini-marts and school classrooms. Ashly enters the commercial sound electronics segment honoring the commitm...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Ashly in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

The digiMIX18 is the only live digital mixing solution in it’s price range that doesn’t rely on WiFi to mix! The digiMIX series of digital mixers give you complete control over your performance space. Whether you’re mixing live bands, a high school musica...
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by Ashly in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Control your system from any location with our remote controls. These devices fit in standard wall boxes and use low gauge wire for hook-up. WR-5 is a programmable remote button controller for Ashly amps and processors that have a serial data connector. M...
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