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by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The A-16II allows individual performers to create custom monitor mixes tailored to their individual needs. Designed for use in live performance or in the studio, the A-16II Personal Mixer gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, st...
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1 999 €
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The AN-16/o v.4 provides 16 channels of mic- or line-level outputs from a Pro16® system. Features • 16 balanced mic- or line-level outputs • Four-position output level switch per channel pair • +24, +18, and +4dBu line-level, or mic-level outputs • 48kHz,...
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1 599 €
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The A-16R is a single-rack- space stereo digital mixer that can be added to any Pro16® network. Its versatile feature set makes it the ideal choice for a variety of applications on stage or in permanent installations. the A-16R gives each performer contro...
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118 €
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

Each A-16D Pro accepts one Pro16 A-Net input signal and provides nine parallel outputs, using rugged EtherCon connectors and standard Cat-5e cables. The A-16D Pro provides isolated (floating ground) DC power through the eight A-Net Outs; the ninth output...
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917,01 €
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The 10-port MH10 Merger Hub supports bidirectional parallel connections in a Pro64® audio network. Features • Distribute and merge up to 10 Pro64 A-Net streams• 10 bidirectional Pro64 A-Net ports (EtherCon connectors)• Three channel-routing configurations...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The RCI Remote Control Interface provides a network interface for the MCS Mic Control Surface, used to remote control mic preamps in the 6416m Mic Input Module and AllFrame in any Pro64 digital snake or audio network. An RCI can also serve as a single-cha...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The AN-16/i-M is a 3U-high rack-mounted mic- and line-level input device with sixteen high-quality microphone preamps and 24-bit A-to-D converters. Each channel contains a three-segment level meter, a continuously variable gain knob, a phase reverse switc...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The 6416i Input Module provides 16 balanced line-level analog inputs to a Pro64 system. Audio is converted to digital and inserted into the Pro64 A-Net network. Each channel includes a four-position gain switch and three-segment level metering, and adjace...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear

The A-16CS Control Surface allows the A-16R Personal Mixer to be mounted in a rack with power amps, wireless transmitters, effects, etc., while still allowing a performer to have complete control over mix functions and presets. In addition, the A-16CS pro...
Temporarily Out Of Stock