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by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Installations

Bosch PLN-6CS Call Station for PLN-6AIO240, 6-zone. Stylish, high?quality six?zone Call Station for the Plena All?in?One System Six?zone selection keys with LED indicators, and an ‘all?call’ key Momentary Press To Talk (PTT) key Configurable gain, spee...
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164,18 €
by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Installations

The All-in-One Unit is the main product of the All-in-One System and integrates the following components: a 240 W mono mixer amplifier. SD and USB player that can play MP3 encoded files from SD and USB devices. a digitally controlled AM/FM-tuner for rece...
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996,82 €
by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Wired Communication Systems

The CCS 800 Ultro Discussion system from Bosch brings order and convenience to small and middle-sized gatherings and conferences – the easy way. This versatile and economical system is both simple to install and extremely straightforward to use. It has al...
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1 230 €
by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Wired Communication Systems

The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System offers new design features and extra functions, including a patent-pending “Possible-To-Speak” indication. Designed and developed by Bosch experts in Europe, the system makes it easy to manage meetings and lets users re...
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by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Recording Devices

  LBB 3222/04 Interpreter Desk Features • Accommodates 6 different language channels plus the original floor language• Incoming channel pre-selector key eliminates the need to manually search through all available language channels• Quick switching betwe...
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by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Communication Components

Features • Can distribute a maximum of 4, 8, 16 or 32 audio channels • Can be used with DCN Next Generation, or analogue systems like the CCS 900 • Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes for efficient distribution • Configuration of...
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by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Communication Components

The charging units are used for charging and storing the INT?RXxx Pocket Receivers. • Can accommodate 56 pocket receivers • Universal mains power facility allows use worldwide • Rapid recharging: within 1 hour and 45 minutes Functions: Controls and Indica...
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