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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

PDS-750 TR touring power/data supply provides power and DMX data control to a variety of Color Kinetics lights. • Includes seven types of user-configurable fade and chase effects for stand-alone operation • Onboard addressing capabilities eliminate the ne...
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463,77 €
by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The 5620 SHoW DMX Three Channel 10A Dimmer provides three independently controllable 9-12V DMX/RDM DC dimmers in a single compact package with a total capacity of 30 amps.  With its four different output configuration, the SHoW DMX Three Channel 10A Dimme...
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144,42 €
by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

If you go backstage on Broadway you’ll see these boxes on the stage manager’s desk or by the lighting console.  They are used for turning cue lights or work lights on and off.  They are simple and rugged and built to last for years. Features • Used to gi...
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by City Theatrical in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Rigging Hardware

Trusses are made of soft aluminum tubing and are easily dinged and dented. A c-clamp tightened onto a truss will leave a deep dent. Our C Clips are springy plastic clips that snap on to 2” diameter truss tubing to protect the aluminum from damage. You can...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The D4 HP Dimmer combines all of the functionality of our D4 Dimmer with higher output power and an integral 40A power supply in one unit. Designed for surface mounting to scenery, the angled control surface is both visible and accessible in tight spaces...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

This is a classic theatrical effect that projects light through a rotating perforated cylinder to produce a very realistic rippling water effect. Features: • Creates the effect of sunlight reflecting off of rippling water • Uses two 1000 watt tubular bul...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

We designed this yoke for lighting designer Ken Posner for the Broadway production of Wicked, and it has been used on hundreds of shows, tours, and installation since then.  This is a very stable, smooth, pan and tilt yoke that rivals yokes costing thousa...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

The Image Multiplexer takes the light output of a Source Four (or any other lighting fixture with a 6 ¼” color frame slot) and using six prisms, divides the beam into six images, creating lovely abstract effects.  Adding a rotating gobo to the Image Multi...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Mainframes are lightweight, disposable, flameproof fiber color frames that can be closed with a staple in seconds.  By using Mainframes, the color frames for an entire production will weigh very little and cost very little.   Note:   The Mainframes fiber...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

The CTI Battery Base combines a powerful 7.2 AH 24VDC (or dual 7.2 AH 12VDC) battery power source with a rugged portable weighted base for Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 (and other) LED Luminaires, and is the perfect power plant for City Theatrical's WDS eq...
Temporarily Out Of Stock