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by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

The SD9 is a complete, integrated system powered by Stealth Digital Processing™, which includes the mixing surface, a D-Rack digital stage interface and CAT5E digital multicore, with the additional ability to simultaneously record 56 channels direct to yo...
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11 728 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

The SD8 has a fixed architecture powered by Stealth Digital Processing™  and employs a smaller Super FPGA than the SD7, yet it benefits from all the major features and versatility of the acclaimed DiGiCo D Series, plus the advances already made in the SD7...
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12 346 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Analog

The standard DiGiRack has 7 input card slots and 7 output card slots. Each card has 8 sockets and therefore a fully loaded rack has 56 inputs and 56 outputs. Bidirectional cards (AES,and Ethersound) provide 8 inputs and 8 outputs per card. They are instal...
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2 037 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

Think the SD11, but with a bit more of everything. Though aesthetically identical, the SD11i packs more of a punch in pretty much every department: every channel is now a Flexi channel; and we've crammed more processing power into the same 19-inch rack mo...
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11 355,90 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

“With the S21, we wanted to re-write the rulebook. To test the conclusions we previewed at Prolight+Sound without publishing or unlocking the full software potential, or even the intended release specifications,” says DiGiCo’s managing director, James Gor...
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3 925,73 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

The SD5’s worksurface is a low noise, heat dissipation worksurface benefiting from Hidden-til-lit (HTL) technology, yet its five digitally driven full colour TFT LCD screens, three of which are touch sensitive, have a new configuration that allows easy ac...
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85 200 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

SD7: The next generation plus one of digital sound engineering. • 256 Processing paths at 96kHz with full processing• Dynamic EQ and Multiband Compression on all paths• Up to 48 Stereo FX + 32 Geq's• Full Snapshot automation with detailed scope control an...
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60 754,07 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

The DiGiCo SD Ten provides a potent new blend of features, performance, flexibility and sonic clarity, at a level between the midrange SD8 and the industry-leading SD7. The SD Ten’s additional features and benefits, many derived from the SD7, instantly di...
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22 711,80 €
by Digico in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Digital

Find various Digico Faders and Cards here.  See individual listings for item specific details....
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300 €