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by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The Road Hog Wing concept is unparalleled – and the intelligent design includes a 12” touchscreen monitor, high-quality programming or playback controls, and DMX output capabilities.  The Wings are equally at home next to a console or as part of a Hog 3PC...
2 Available
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2 Used
825 €
by High End in Video Equipment \ Media Servers & Digital Lights

DL2 Automated Digital Fixture - LX55 Model. DL.2 integrates a media server loaded with a wealth of digital content with a high output 3-chip light engine, a highly sensitive HAD sensor camera and an infrared illumination system. DL.2 mounts like any other...
5 Available
0 New
5 Used
988 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Distinctive in design, SHOWGUN is, in essence, a very large and powerful automated light that can project images, change and mix dichroic colors, and switch from hard-edge to soft-edge all within a compact system.  SHOWGUN is High End System’s latest revo...
23 Available
0 New
23 Used
799 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Some lead, some follow Cyberlight has followed its own formula as an original since 1994.  Cyberlight, Cyberlight CX, Cyberlight SV, and Cyberlight Turbo have steadily grown in stature amid the world hierarchy of great lighting fixtures.  With over twenty...
11 Available
0 New
11 Used
664,31 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

A console capable of delivering everything from a local theatre show to a stadium gig! All the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package, with sleek lines, raked screens and familiar layout. Like it’s predecessor it allows for total expansion enabling...
12 Available
0 New
12 Used
13 499 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Extreme brightness. That's what lighting professionals want. And now they have it with a new choice in bright lighting tools. With a 2:1 lens, x.Spot Xtreme is 40 percent brighter than the original x.Spot with a 4:1 lens. At 16,000 lumens, its brightness...
20 Available
0 New
20 Used
199 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

An Array of HedgeHogs!! 1 Chassis, 4 Options- offering Hog customers and the market in general the ultimate flexibility with the feature set they need High End Systems presents a new array of HedgeHog 4’s. There will now be 1 chassis allowing for 4 level...
4 Available
0 New
4 Used
1 899 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

A New Breed of Hog Designed from the ground up to provide superb lighting control with powerful programming procedures, the Road Hog is a true thoroughbred automated lighting console. Its simple and intuitive operations as well as cost effectiveness offer...
6 Available
0 New
6 Used
750 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

SolaSpot Pro 1500, the latest in the SolaSpot range, is an innovative and ground breaking fixture. The SolaSpot Pro 1500 outputs 20,000 lumens using a 400w LED engine! Unparalleled LED brightness coupled with features including framing shutters, CMY color...
56 Available
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56 Used
3 725 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The Playback Wing 4, with its evolutionary styling is equally at home next to a console or as part of a Hog 4PC system. It provides 10 additional faders plus one Grand Master, all motorized, for the Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4 and Hog 4 PC software. It...
8 Available
0 New
8 Used
2 999 €