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by Lowell in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Stands & Supports

Recommended Uses & Notes: ViP, Tota/Omni & other small lights. Wide base for more stability (some loss of stability at full height with Tota/Omni), large locking knobs. Legs can lie flat to floor or in standard tripod arrangement, and fold up for...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

 A stripped down kit with up to 4000 Watts of focusable lighting power, to light from a greater distance than most. 4 1000w max. DP lights with KS Stands, plus light control & mounting accessories, in a Multi Case with recessed wheels & pull handl...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The DP is a long time Lowel workhorse. It's a powerful key, backlight or background light. Add an umbrella or diffusion for soft key or fill light, swap to the super-spot reflector for long throws, or customize it with a variety of other accessories. The...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Compact, rugged & versatile, the broad throw Tota-light is a Lowel time honored favorite. It can be used with its umbrella or gel-frame & diffusion as a soft key, fill, or backlight. With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth & even ba...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Lighting & Effects \ Conventional

Powerful enough to light a small room yet small enough to fit in a large pocket, the versatile V-light can be used as a broad, key, fill (with umbrella or diffusion gel), back-light, or background light. The perfect partner for the Pro-light, it's also ex...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Pro Audio \ Installations

The LFD-series of surface-mount front doors are engineered for 19"W racks. Each door features a 45-degree bevel on four sides, 180-degree open-swing access, and quick in-field changeability from right to left swing by simply moving the hinges (no dri...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Powered

Quick install speaker for suspended tile ceilings features 8 in. dual cone driver, fine perforation grille, and .147 cu.ft. enclosure. 2x2 assembly. PERFORMANCE Background music and paging ASSEMBLY INCLUDES • Driver (810):  8 in. 15W dual cone driver wit...
Temporarily Out Of Stock