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by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The Mantra is simple – make control of LED fixtures easy and intuitive, while still allowing control of moving lights and conventionals. Mantra Lite, and the Mantra Expansion Wings combine the ease of use of a fader based console, with the power of a touc...
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1 111 €
by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The VX series of products form part of the LSC Clarity control package and are external hardware control platforms commonly called "Wings". Available in 2 models, the VX Wings allow direct control of Clarity's many features. Providing a bridge b...
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1 790 €
by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The maXim series of consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator. There are six models in the maXim product range, starting with the 24 fader maXim S and continuing through to the 120 fader maXim XXL....
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2 000 €
by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming

The e24 channel Dimmer system represents an exciting move towards total dimming packaging, providing a complete solution for pre-show set up, transportation and storage. Built around LSC's long established philosophy of "no compromise on reliability,...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The SOFTLINK is invaluable for shows or set-ups where a large number of dimmer circuits need to be controlled by a smaller number of desk channels or where several desks need to feed common dimmer circuits. Utilizing DMX512/1990 - the well established int...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by LSC in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The MDR range of data splitters are DMX512-A (ANSI E1-11) compatible and are available in a 19” rackmount model or in a compact, portable model. These splitters are the world's first field-upgradeable splitters to offer RDM functionality as an option. The...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The LSC Clarity QX products are DMX512-A decoders (Nodes). They connect to a standard computer (PC or Mac) via the USB port and provide either 1 (QX1), 2 (QX2) or 4 (QX4) DMX512-A outputs. The QX nodes integrate directly to the LSC Clarity software and ap...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by LSC in Pro Audio \ Computer Software/Hardware

LSC Clarity has already had an impact on the industry. Richard Cadena (editor of PLSN magazine) summed it up when he saw the preview at InfoComm in June 2009: .... most impressive was the new Clarity PC-based lighting console with very well laid out graph...
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by LSC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

LSC Mini DMux 24 channel DMX-Analogue converter....
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