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by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Wireless

M-Audio WH 8002....
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by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

With the polished acoustic design of its exclusive planar waveguide, an even long distance coverage is obtained in the highest frequencies and the coupling problems in the vertical plan are avoided, without energy losses. The incorporated rigging system o...
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by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Computer Software/Hardware

Today, more professional music is produced at home than ever before—and the new ProjectMix I/O delivers what you need to take your computer-based studio and productions to the next level. Seamless integration with all major DAW software. The ability to re...
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by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Computer Software/Hardware

MIDISPORT 4x4 4-in/4-out USB MIDI Interface. - 4-in/4-out MIDI interface > 64 discrete MIDI input channels, 64 discrete MIDI output channels - USB bus power > requires no external power supply - class-compliant operation with Windows XP, Vista and M...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The perfect match for the FireWire 18/14 is the Octane 8-channel preamp with ADAT Lightpipe output. At this aggressive price, Octane is perfect for enhancing the front end of any multitrack digital recording system. Octane is ideal for miking drum kits or...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Mic Preamps & D.I.'s

Released in celebration of M-Audio’s 20th anniversary, the Midiman MIDISPORT 2x2 Anniversary Edition multi-port USB MIDI interface delivers a new look and enhanced functionality. The compact interface addresses 32 x 32 discrete channels of MIDI I/O via US...
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by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Other

The BiPort 2x4s offers professional MIDI and SMPTE performance in an external interface that attaches to any standard PC serial port, or Macintosh printer or modem port. The BiPort 2x4s is based on proven Midiman serial port MIDI interface and SMPTE synch...
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by M-Audio in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

This nifty MIDI merge box gives you 2 MIDI Ins merged into 2 MIDI Outs and doesn't require an external power supply. MIDI "All Notes Off" Message is sent on power up allowing unit to function as a MIDI "Panic Button". A very handy and...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Powered

The M-Audio BX studio monitor series is trusted by more musicians and recording professionals than any other. Now, the BX8 D2 monitors extend the bestsellers’ legacy* with an elegant new design inside and out. We leveraged technology from our high-end mon...
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