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by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Our flagship series, the MAXAPS fog generators are renowned for their versatility in large venues. Create dramatic, localized fog or disperse it to fill the space. • Extremely powerful, adjustable fog output • Virtually noiseless, with the finest fog and...
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1 400 €
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

The ICE FOG Compack is smaller than the ICE FOG Q, the ICE FOG Compack operates at 115VAC. The ICE FOG Compack also is available in two versions, for use either with high pressure liquid CO2 or with low pressure refrigerated CO2. The ICE FOG Compack uses...
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4 550 €
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Hazers

This HAZER works with compressed air and will produce a very small haze-partical of 0.7 micron The produced haze can not be tasted or smelled and is widely used in opera aswell. Perfect to make light beams visable and give a better lighting effect. The ma...
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4 691 €
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Hazers

The ATMe single high output haze generator is the evolution of the world-famous ATMOSPHEREAPS, the industry's standard for almost two decades. Lowest fluid consumption on the market At 1.38 bar / 20 psi ATMe uses only 55 ml / 1.64 oz of fluid per hour t...
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3 795 €
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers & Hazers

Me2 is the more powerful twin of the Me1, housed in the same size chassis but with twice the power (and two nozzles!) Dual fog output  With its two nozzles, the maximum fog output is 200 m3 (7,063 ft3) per minute. 100% duty cycle At all output levels Me...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers & Hazers

Me1 is the first and smallest in our powerful Me family of fog generators. Single fog output  With its single nozzle, the maximum fog output is 100 m3 (3,531 ft3) per minute. Fluid consumption  At maximum output (2.76 bar / 40 psi) Me1 uses only 1 L (0....
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

The MDG theONE™ is a revolutionary, fully digital, dual mode fog/haze atmospheric generator. This completely self-contained package offers sophisticated control over atmospheric effects from a single source. The sturdy aluminium rack provides several rigg...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Fog Liquids

MDG NEUTRAL Fog fluid:  Highly refined and filtered mineral oil base Used in: theONE digital atmospheric generators MAXAPS series fog generators ATMOSPHEREAPS series haze generators SINGLE / DUAL / ULTRA DUAL fog generator systems MOBILE fog generator...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

• Extremely quiet, adjustable low fog output• Self-contained unit on wheels for easy transport• Compartments for accessories• Compatible with remote control timer and DMX interface• Detachable remote control and 8 m (26 ft) cable included• The quietest lo...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Hazers

The finest haze on the market. The perfect match for your lighting effects. Simply put, the ATMOSPHEREAPS is the industry standard in haze generators. Choose from regular or high output models. • Extremely quiet output with the longest hanging times • Con...
Temporarily Out Of Stock