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by Optikinetics in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

The AMP1A stereo audio monitor provides self-powered, full-fidelity stereo monitoring of of analog audio in the smallest rack space possible (1U) with two inputs on balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs. Two pairs of balanced XLR connectors output...
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by Optikinetics in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

The OPTI Bubble Bank creates a myriad of bubbles that stream upwards about 2 meters and outwards up to 6 meters. The OPTI Bubble Bank is supplies with one 1/2 litre of OPTI Bubble Juice Concentrate and one mixing/dispenser bottle....
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by Optikinetics in Lighting & Effects \ DJ Effects

Carousel Disco Light by OPTIKinetics....
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by Optikinetics in Lighting & Effects \ Scenic/Projections Effects

At the heart of the K2 is a unique electronic AVS (Automatic Voltage Sensing) ballast which enables the projector to be operated anywhere in the world. It is fitted with a 2000 hour, MSD200 metal halide arc lamp with 2000 lumen light output at lens and a...
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by Optikinetics in Pro Audio \ Other

The Otari Lightwinder Colosseum Series (LW-50) is a multi-channel audio and data transmission system for sending multiple signals over long distances. A system consists of two to sixteen Mainframes, each holding from two to eight modules. With modules for...
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by Optikinetics in Lighting & Effects \ Strobes

The OPTI Terrastrobe has a 400 watt output based on a capacitor discharge circuit. The Terrastrobe can be remotely triggered by either the OPTI Single or 4 Channel Strobe Control Units or from a lighting desk using the DMX to analogue converter box....
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by Optikinetics in Lighting & Effects \ Scenic/Projections Effects

The K1 uses exactly the same effects and accessories as the popular Solar 100/250 projectors. Specification: Size: 655mm long x 315mm wide x 210mm high (400mm deep with bracket) Weight: 11.7kg Standard Lens: 3 Element 85mm f2.8 42.5mm Helical Groove F...
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Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Optikinetics in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Trussing

OPTI Trilite American (imperial) aluminum truss is available in 6 sizes with 3 different formats (ladder, triangular and box) for each. This section of the web site features standard configurations and components along with custom applications and fabrica...
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