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by Other in COVID19 Solutions \ Personal Protection Equipment

GearSource partners generally earn their living in the Concert Touring business. In fact, a few short weeks ago, this company had their staff on tours with Billie Eilish, Pearl Jam and many other top talents… then, one by one, their acts began to cancel....
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837,87 €
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

MAGICFX Stadium Shots are the most powerful confetti / streamer cannons available! The stadium shots give an enormous burst of confetti or streamers! They provide their “shot” via a compressed air accumulator tank pressurized to 8 bar! The valve is actuat...
2 Available
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1 699 €
by Other in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Professional universal single channel video processor up to WQXGA and 3840x1080 @60Hz input without compression and WUXGA HDMI / VGA outputs for curve screen & projector portrait edge blending. Designed with patented geometry alignment, PIP, active /...
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372,39 €
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

LL STAGE 6-06D is a compact LED luminaire. Thanks to easy handling, solid construction, wide range of accessories and compatibility with DMX, it is an ideal flexible tool for rental market in the entertainment industry. Carfully considered body design all...
10 Available
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590 €
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The Generico blinder is a purpose built fixture, the first of its kind as a commercially available solution for high output compact size.Typically referred to as an Audience Blinder or "Mole Fay", these units utilize 650 watt DWE high powered la...
60 Available
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99 €
by Other in Pro Audio \ Mixers: 16 Channels & Smaller

Created for the club and installation, the new MYA8C Audiophony has all the features of the best analog tables. Versatile, it features 3 microphone inputs, 5 simultaneous stereo channels (line, phono or USB), two independent volumes and deactivated crossf...
1 Available
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100 €
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Highly energy-efficient lighting that is ideal for signs, entry monuments, residential facades and landscaping....
5 Available
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45 €
by Other in More \ Cables - Audio

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150 €