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by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The BMFL – Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire – much anticipated new lighting fixture from Robe, brings a real game changer in the world of moving lights. The BMFL Spot has a custom light source designed for Robe and produces a staggering powerful 250 000...
176 Available
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176 Used
3 895 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The ColorSpot 170 AT is designed for multiple applications and is ideal for architectural lighting, bars, restaurants, shops, retail environments, product launches and events and for use as an image projector for advertising. The ColorSpot 170 AT offers m...
113 Available
0 New
113 Used
408,32 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

Extending the possibilities of the playful, colorful DLS Profile, the new DL4S is equipped with enhanced version of the ROBE RGBW LED module for brighter saturated colours and more powerful output. To magnify the already perfectly smooth colours, fades an...
54 Available
0 New
54 Used
3 750 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

BMFL - Wash is the ultimate fresnel based 1.700 W lamp based wash light with large 200 mm diameter front fresnel lens for high quality traditional wash output ranging from punchy tight 4.5° to smooth 55°. Custom interchangeable frost filters with three gr...
128 Available
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128 Used
3 950 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Here’s our Point. It’s very bright and super-fast with a sharp parallel beam that cuts through the air and across video with ease. It can project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane. Tigh...
72 Available
0 New
72 Used
1 550 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

The ROBIN® DLX Spot uses a unique new RGBW LED light source giving colour outputs brighter than a 1200 Watt discharge unit, but with an average very eco-friendly power consumption of only 250 Watts. The optical system produces a very smooth, high quality...
25 Available
0 New
25 Used
1 949 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

This is the perfect companion to the ROBIN DL4S Profile, the new ROBIN DL4F Wash is based on the same RGBW LED module with improved brightness and with specifically modified color mixing and dimming for extra smooth, stepless operation especially at minim...
6 Available
0 New
6 Used
2 499 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

his is the latest product in the DL range of luminaires that use the Robe RGBW LED module. The DLS adds a system of 4 fast, smooth, framing shutters within the optical path design of the proven DLX Spot format. There is individual control of each shutter...
2 Available
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2 Used
4 084,51 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Robe MMX is a new technology discharge fixture that has similar light output to most existing 1200W luminaires. The unit is based on the all new Robin advanced technology design that provides Brighter, more efficient, physically lighter and smaller fi...
102 Available
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102 Used
1 700 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

  The ColorWash 700E AT is the first Wash fixture using the MSR GOLD 700 FastFit lamp in the Robe range. This powerful moving head offers a full CMY + CTO colour mixing system, a colour wheel with 7 replaceable ?SLOT&LOCK? dichroic filters, a rotati...
18 Available
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18 Used
500 €