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by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

A wide range of axial ellipsoidals delivering a "cool" beam of light. This family of products delivers a crisp “white” light with little or no distortion, ideal for gobo projection and precise beam shaping. The Pacific family of fixtures is ener...
22 Available
0 New
22 Used
70,80 €
by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The Arena Theatre Fresnel is a high output, general purpose stage lighting tool combining an unmatched beam angle range of 7°-60° with an equally impressive beam quality which delivers a smooth field with minimal light spill. The clean 'punchy' spot can b...
3 Available
0 New
3 Used
186 €
by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Conventional

SPX represents a fresh new look at the ellipsoidal profile and has been developed to meet the evolving needs of 21st century entertainment lighting practice. This new range from Philips Selecon is outstanding in its class with many new and innovative feat...
66 Available
0 New
66 Used
122 €
by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Selecon's popular Acclaim Fresnel is a general-purpose stage lens luminaire. The adjustable beam angle range of 6º to 60º and wide range of available lamps make it the perfect choice for theatre, small studio, school hall and drama suites, and display lig...
29 Available
29 New
0 Used
165 €
by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Cyc Fixtures

Top performance and high light output for the larger stage and studio The Aurora Cyc fixture will smoothly and evenly illuminate a 30ft high cyclorama,scrim or back cloth from a throw distance of 10ft when cycs are spaced at 8ft centers; ideal for permane...
56 Available
56 New
0 Used
150 €
by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The Hui Flood range provides a 90° flood beam with well-controlled edges and even distribution; ideal for lighting cycs and back cloths up to 5m high for permanent installations (G-multi connector / in-out wiring) or rental / production temporary installa...
1 Available
1 New
0 Used
105 €
by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Cyc Fixtures

Lifting Colour Washes to New Heights The award-winning Hui Cyc delivers seamless blending of one beam to the next in a visually even, controlled wash with no distracting or unwanted spill light. It is suitable for lighting cycs and back cloths up to 20ft...
129 Available
129 New
0 Used
105 €