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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The XC-5 has been designed to revolutionize the strobe industry and mark the end of the old xenon-based effects which have such high wattage that they need many generators to power them. SGM’s new LED strobes can be overdriven 20 times without destroying...
24 Available
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488 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The P5 has taken the popular Palco 5 as its design base. The low-profile fixed, rectangular, full-color LED wash light incorporates 44 x RGBW 10W LEDs. The fixture offers CTC and White Balance control, with just 400W power consumption and LED source life...
224 Available
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224 Used
850 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

SGM has introduced two revolutionary new LED strobes — designed to deliver the same output as conventional strobes from one fifth of the power. Experience the extreme luminous output of nearly 3,000 pure white LEDs placed into three individually controll...
13 Available
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13 Used
745 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The SixPack (SP-6) is a unique pixel array based on the popular blinder — but by replacing the traditional halogen with RGBA LED source it can achieve so much more. The fixture combines six outputs of powerful 35W colour mixing with built-in electronics,...
81 Available
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81 Used
370 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The stylish lines, functionality, energy saving and absolute running silence of the Palco 3 are combined with the ability to be aimed, thanks to the pan and tilt feature of the PALCO 3 MOBILE version. PALCO 3 MOBILE is fitted with absolute encoders, so w...
50 Available
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50 Used
290 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

PALCO 5 has been fitted with a new very powerful LED model (the k 2), thanks to which, compared to the other SGM LED LINE models, it is able to ensure remarkable luminosity with decidedly limited energy consumption. PALCO 5 is, therefore, an extremely sp...
19 Available
0 New
19 Used
310 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

A fixture with an exclusive design, an exceptional tool thanks to its functional qualities as well as to its stylish contribution, that can be offered to any type show, performance or installation. SGM’s Palco 3 isn’t just a new idea in colour-changing fi...
23 Available
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23 Used
309 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

SYNTHESIS is the first of a new generation of moving head fixtures designed and manufactured by SGM for leading edge professional applications. Wireless DMX Interface fitted as standard and protection against incorrect power supplies of up to 380 Volts ar...
20 Available
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20 Used
617 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

REGIA 2048 Live is a new lighting console designed and manufactured for a wide range of professional applications.REGIA 2048 Live's features are among the best in its category: 2048 DMX channels, four independent DMX lines, a 12" touch screen monitor...
2 Available
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2 Used
1 000 €
by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Pilot 2000 is a universal DMX controller able to control up to 20 'intelligent' units (moving head fixtures, scanners, colour-changers, dimmers, etc.) with a maximum of 36 channels each, for a total of 512 DMX channels. Pilot 2000 is mounted in a 4-unit r...
1 Available
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600 €