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by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

Gun UV Lamp Power: 400 W With E40 socket Delivery without lamp (see Art. Nr: 170689) With protective screen Narrow beam of light Dimensions: 355 x 355 x 305 mm Weight: 9 kg...
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60 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Conventional

The 575 Studio Beam has a high light-output and is ideal for rental, disco, DJ’s and stage. High light-output Incl. 4 lenses Incl. filterframe Max. capacity 600W...
50 Available
0 New
50 Used
69 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

The Showtec Multi-Par offers you the light output of a Par 64 1000W with a bulb and power consumption of only 575W. The 575 lamp (240V/575W) has a high light-output (14000 lumen) and a very white beam. The Multi-Par comes with 4 interchangeable lenses: Ve...
270 Available
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5 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The Pixelbar 12 MKII is a powerful and cost effective batten. It is equipped with 12 RGB in 1 LED's which gives you a professional out look and perfect color-mixing. The Pixelbar 12 MKII can be controlled by DMX and also has a built-in sound to light func...
1 Available
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890 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Strip/Border Lights

The Sunstrip Active is the successor of the already popular Sunstrip I and II. However, this Sunstrip is fully active and has a built-in dimmerpack. In order to make the unit most versatile for many applications you can select different DMX modes: 1 chann...
1 Available
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1 Used
7 000 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The Infinity Sunpanel is a LED blinder panel with 150 x 3W Osram OSLON LEDs, arranged  in a 10x15 matrix and pixel pitch of 80mm. The 25,5mm narrow lenses and its powerful 2400° Kelvin 3W LEDs, create a wall of punchy blinders, generating amazing volumetr...
70 Available
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70 Used
1 543 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

The Showtec Eventspot 60 Q7 is the smallest member of the Eventspot series. The Eventsport 60 Q7 is equipped with 7x 7-in-1 LEDs, which offers the following colour palette: Red, green, blue, white, amber, UV and lime, so the spot can show almost any color...
1 Available
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1 000 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Moving Stageblinder 4 is a powerful stageblinder which can be positioned in any position by its accurate pan and tilt movement. The fixture is equipped with 4x 120V 650W DWE lamps (not included) which create an enormous light output. The unit has a 16...
9 Available
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9 Used
250 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

The Pixeltrack Pro is the bigger brother of the already popular Pixeltrack. The Pixeltrack Pro bears all necessary features which the most demanding user needs nowadays. With a maximum of 40 independent controllable sections or pixels per track there are...
66 Available
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66 Used
62 €
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The Showtec Floodlight HQ-400 is a symmetric floodlight with high output and great effects. Lamp: HQI/HQ  Lamp socket: E40  Capacity: max 400W  Type: A-Symmetric  Input voltage: 230V, 50Hz  Starting current: 3,1 A max  Color Temp: 4000K  Lumens @ 100Hr (...
1 Available
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2 149 €