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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

A member of Sony's DTV family of monitors, the BVMD9H5U is an 8" monitor with 450 TV lines of resolution with integrated controls. The monitor supports both SD and HD signals including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080/24Psf. The three option slots i...
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125 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

The AWS-G500E Anycast Station Live Content Producer. In a nutshell, this is a mobile, multimedia production truck in a unit the size of an attache case. Whenever or wherever there is a need to run small scale live events, just hook up cameras and micropho...
1 Available
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4 500 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

Quartet 4-Inch 4:3 LCD monitor Introducing a new line-up of Sony LCD monitors that enable easy multiple-monitor viewing. Designed to meet the growing demand for compact and lightweight multiple viewing monitors. Cost effective entry level monitoring solu...
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556 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

The LMD-9020 is 8.4 inch LCD monitor aimed at broadcast and professional applications.  LMD-9020 is a one-piece style monitor for video standard definition. It can be AC, DC, or battery driven so that it can be hand-held, situated on a desk, or mounted in...
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89 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - Non HD

For professional live event broadcasting - anywhere. The Anycast Station is an integrated, portable and easy to use solution that can be used by customers that require professional results and mobility. The Anycast Station's all-in-one design helps keep s...
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2 000 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

Sony, a leader in developing PTZ cameras and a long standing leader in HD technology, is combining its strengths with the introduction of its first high-definition PTZ camera. Joining the popular EVI family, this unique camera allows you to take your firs...
8 Available
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450 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

The BRC-300 (NTSC model), is Sony's first robotic camera to offer the quality ofSD 1/4.7 CCDs for brilliant resolution. Specifically designed for remote video-shooting applications, the BRC-300 incorporates three 1/4.7-type Advanced HAD™ CCDs to provide h...
6 Available
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290 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

The BRC-H700 is a high-definition, all-in-one, robotic color video camera for remote shooting applications. Superb picture quality - three 1.07 megapixel HD CCDs High-performance Pan/Tilt/Zoom mechanism RS-232C/RS-422 remote control (VISCA protocol) Vers...
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1 173 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

Flexible, no-compromise 4K, HD and super slow motion production  The HDC-P43 is a lightweight Point of View (POV) style camera integrates seamlessly with existing HD infrastructure, lenses and accessories, while giving you the option to create the finest...
2 Available
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29 507 €
by Sony in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Directly interfaces with both Z-type (26-pin) and Q-type (14-pin) camera systems. Also interfaces with DXC-930 via CCTZ/CCZ-A or CCTQ/CCQ-AM combination Remote control operation with maximum cable lengths of 300m for Z-type and 100m for Q-type cable VBS R...
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100 €