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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Coloram I Scrollers from Wybron. See individual lisstings for details....
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31 €
by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The Coloram II System consists of mechanical dowsers, scrolling color changers, gobo changers and power supplies in a complete range of models offering ease of setup and use. The lightweight dowsers and color changers slide easily into the gel frame holde...
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186 €
by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Eclipse is a DMX - controlled dowser, The Eclipse does mechanically what cannot be done electronically: dimming HMI and other "non-dimmable" lamps. Eclipse dowsers come in three sizes to fit the most common discharge fixtures: 1K, 2K and 5K....
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1 619,63 €
by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Nearly all of Wybron's lighting products use an external power supply. This supply not only provides 24 volts DC, but also a control signal using industry standard DMX/RDM. A cable with power and signal integrated into one jacket makes for quick and easy...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming

The 1K Eclipse IT Iris dowser is the smallest unit in Wybron's family of professional-grade dowsers. It's the next step up from the Eclipse II family of color changers, which we produced for nearly 15 years. Lighting legend George Izenour designed the mec...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

Add motion, change scenes, and create whole new effects with the Goboram II™, a gobo changer and rotator in one that helps you get more from your stationary lights. Designed specifically to work with ETC Source Four and Altman Shakespeare 600 lights, the...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Conventional

Mounting Plate for Ram Scrollers....
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The Cygnus 200W Color Wash provides more than five times the brightness of comparable products with incredibly smooth, vibrant color. The 200W Cygnus fixtures feature 96 CREE LEDs in a quad package for high lumen density. With interchangeable filters, you...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Track even the most active performers in real time with Wybron's award-winning Autopilot II™, which transforms moving lights into followspots. With Autopilot II, performers wear small beltpack transponders that send signals to the Autopilot II, and Autopi...
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