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by XTA in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

H.F Trim section with adjustable gain and frequency allows fast adjustments to be made to overall H.F response. This obviates the need for system re-voicing when, for example, changes in humidity or audience size occur. Filter design is carefully optimis...
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275 €
by XTA in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The DS800 is an 8 input, 32 output self contained audio distribution system. In standard format each input is split into two transformer-isolated outputs (-10dB level) and two actively balanced outputs. The unit can be internally reconfigured to give mo...
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860 €
by XTA in Pro Audio \ System Processors

Based on the world-renowned DP226, the XTA 4 series signal processing platforms use high-performance 24bit converters on all inputs and outputs, running at 96kHz to give a bandwidth of over 30kHz and a dynamic range in excess of 116dB. Each input channel...
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1 850 €
by XTA in Pro Audio \ System Processors

XTA DP200 SpecificationsInputsImpedance CMRR Outputs Source Imp Min. Load Max. LevelFrequency Resp. Dynamic Range Distortion Maximum Delay Output gain Input gainParametric EqualisationTwo electronically balanced.? > 10k ohms. >65dB 50Hz - 10kHz. Fou...
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218,28 €
by XTA in Pro Audio \ Solutions & Feedback Control

The RT1 Real Time Spectrum Analyser represents a breakthrough in audio analysis,offering capabilities far beyond the reach of conventional devices. Operational simplicity has not been sacrificed to implement this flexibility, with intuitivecontrols and a...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by XTA in Pro Audio \ System Processors

The XTA DP224 is a compact and powerful DSP based audio processing unit, ideally suited for live applications, where it combines the functions of multiple conventional products in a compact 1U high unit. To achieve this the DP224 has 2 inputs and 4 output...
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by XTA in Pro Audio \ System Processors

Building on the phenomenal success of the DP200, the DP226 continues the reputation for sound quality in a product aimed squarely at the most demanding applications of the sound reinforcement, installation and studio market. The DP226 features 2 inputs a...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by XTA in Pro Audio \ Delays

The DP100 is a 2 input 4 output assignable audio delay featuring 3 band parametric equalization for each output, 11 micro-second minimum delay increment, 80 memories, excellent dynamic range and compensation function for ambient temperature change. XTA's...
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