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by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The PC9500N offers greater power efficiency and lower heat production through the utilization of Yamaha's proprietary next generation EEEngine Technology. The addition of a MOSFET to the EEEngine's current buffer boosts the PC Series' energy efficiency to...
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by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

High Power & Extraordinary Efficiency The H5000 delivers 500 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads. H-series amps are approximately twice as efficient as conventional types. This means that for the same power output you only need half the power normally...
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by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The Yamaha P2040 has four completely independent power amplifier channels that deliver up to 20 watts RMS into 8-ohm loads. If you have an application that doesn't require all four channels, flipping a rear-panel switch instantly shifts the P2040 into the...
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by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

High Power Output The CP2000 delivers a maximum 2000 watts of clean power into 4-ohm load when bridged. In a stereo configuration it delivers 1000 watts of power into 2-ohms, 650 watts into 4-ohm loads or 450 watts into 8-ohm loads. EEEngine Technol...
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by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

High performance, value for money. High power ratings. 175W + 175W into 8 ohm (4ohm and 250W+ 250W). In bridged (mono) mode, 500W.   Designed to be: Transported and reliable. Each amplifier is 3U high. It saves space in your rack.   Internal therm...
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by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Product Description Yamaha P7000S YAMAHA AMPLIFIER - PRO STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER The P-Series amps deliver pro-quality power in a wide range of configurations, and are perfect for mating with the popular Club Series speakers, as each model's power signal i...
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