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by Lab Gruppen in Pro Audio \ Amplification

PLM 20000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management couples the world’s most powerful four-channel amplifier platform to the industry-leading digital sound manipulation features of Lake Processing. The result is a seamlessly unified sound reinforcement core that of...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
3 500 €
by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The d&b D12 amplifier is a dual channel amplifier incorporating digital signal processors (DSP) to provide loudspeaker specific configurations and functions. It is designed for use with all d&b loudspeakers, has both digital and analog signal inpu...
86 Available
0 New
86 Used
1 650 €
by Lab Gruppen in Pro Audio \ Amplification

PLM 10000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management system The PLM 10000Q seamlessly integrates networked digital signal distribution, drive processing, power amplification, and load verification and performance monitoring in a single hardware unit and unified soft...
28 Available
0 New
28 Used
2 790 €
by L'Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The LA12X relies on a proprietary switch mode power supply (SMPS) equipped with a DSP-controlled PFC, capable of delivering 12,000 W regardless of mains voltages (from 240 V down to 100 V.) The PFC offers high immunity to unstable mains and lowers typical...
13 Available
0 New
13 Used
6 505 €
by L'Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The LA8 amplified controller belongs to the new generation of high-end integrated controllers entirely dedicated to the comprehensive operation of L-ACOUSTICS® loudspeaker systems. The LA8 combines in a 2U lightweight chassis the resources of a 2 x 4 DSP...
44 Available
0 New
44 Used
3 050 €
by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The 2 RU, four channel 10D amplifier is designed for permanent integration with applications that require lower Sound Pressure Level (SPL) capabilities. This device contains extended input management functionalities with separate Input Gain control for ea...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
2 500 €
by QSC in Pro Audio \ Amplification

CX 2-Channel Series The CX 2-Channel Series is designed to meet the specialized needs of sound contractors. Eight models have been designed from the ground up, combining QSC's exclusive PowerLight® technology with specific features to meet the requirement...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
349 €
by Crown in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Inside and out, the new I-Tech HD is one of the most technologically advanced professional touring amplifiers on the market today. Building on the decades of innovation, invention, and insight Crown is known for, the I-Tech HD features five new patents –...
52 Available
0 New
52 Used
2 400 €
by Crown in Pro Audio \ Amplification

A reputation is the most valuable commodity a company can have. And yet, it can't be manufactured or bought. It comes together slowly, invisibly, on the heels of a lifetime of work. At Crown, our reputation was formed by more than 60 years of innovation a...
18 Available
0 New
18 Used
4 199 €
by MC2 Audio in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Designed for use in a variety of applications in the fixed installation market, where sonic quality and reliability are the highest priorities, the high performance T1000 (500W/channel into 4 ohms) has been designed with complementary AB bipolar outputs,...
3 Available
2 New
1 Used
799 €