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by Studio Due in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

An extremely efficient optic system, a high IP RATE and endless possibilities of usage are the main features of the CityBeam, a projector conceived with the same metal outlook as the CityColor although completely different in the optic. The sliding system...
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350 €
by Studio Due in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

The most famous and world-wide appreciated CityColor, is completely produced in Italy. CityColor 2500 is a very powerful wash light fixture with an IP54 rate.  Thanks to an extremely efficient optic system a powerful light beam  can create numberless colo...
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400 €
by Space Cannon in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

Space Cannon Target 2kW Xenon Outdoor Effect....
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750 €
by Studio Due in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

Great for lighting buildings, commercial malls, exhibition centers or just about anything that needs a massive wash of colour with full CMY colour control.  Unlimited variety of colours and shades. High resolution stepper motors. The color changer can be...
46 Available
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46 Used
300 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

The Environmental Color-2 (EC-2™) fixture is a fully weatherized luminaire designed as a reliable high-performance solution for a variety of architectural settings. The EC-2 reflector is based on the patented reflector technology introduced in Technobeam®...
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133 €
by Thomas in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

James Thomas Engineering has developed an outdoor Par lantern to IP65 rating for use with Par 64 sealed beam lamps, and with an adaptor, Par 56 sealed beam lamps. The unit features corrosion resistant fittings and a cast aluminium construction, finished i...
40 Available
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200 €
by Griven in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

KOLORSTREAM MK2 HMI 2500W   The success on a world scale of outdoor colour changer units and the growing interest from the developping architectural lighting sector persuaded us to develop and create a new projector for long... The success...
12 Available
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125 €
by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

• Our ChromaBatten17 features RGB LEDs within a beautifully designed enclosure. The ChromaBatten17 is fitted as standard with a U-bracket, but an optional fully articulating mounting bracket (shown above) is available separately to provide increased insta...
4 Available
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190 €
by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

• Provides power and control for up to 2 ChromaRange fixtures • 6 x +10 Volt inputs (via 2 x DIN in/thru) • Channel layout = Fixture 1 RED, GREEN, BLUE, Fixture 2 RED, GREEN, BLUE • Individual control of each ChromaRange fixture • 100-130 / 200-250V 50-60...
3 Available
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130 €
by Acme Technologies Inc in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

The Power Commander LED-PC100 is the control centre for Visio products which have a 24v input.   This easy to use controller can be controlled by DMX, LED-CC and LED-RC as well as having a user friendly control panel which allows easy management of RGB co...
6 Available
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78 €