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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Both flexible and efficient, the MAC Viper AirFX is a new concept that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a beautiful wash field in one luminaire. Featuring a great selection of all-new gobo designs, hard-edge effects remain stunning across the fixtu...
110 Available
0 New
110 Used
2 550 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The BMFL – Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire – much anticipated new lighting fixture from Robe, brings a real game changer in the world of moving lights. The BMFL Spot has a custom light source designed for Robe and produces a staggering powerful 250 000...
176 Available
0 New
176 Used
3 950 €
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC Axiom Hybrid is a true all-in-one product, combining beam and spot into one compact unit that also offers diffused wash functionality. The high-precision optical system offers exceptional contrast, both in mid-air and projection as well as a surpr...
25 Available
0 New
25 Used
3 843,12 €
by JB Lighting in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The VS 7 features a double condenser optical system with coated lenses for an extremely bright beam, extraordinary light output and high definition contrast, which makes it suitable for projection on a highly professional level. Leading lighting professio...
2 Available
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2 Used
3 000 €
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC Viper Profile is a new breed of high-output profile luminaire with an exceptional feature set, superior light quality and a highly efficient optical system. It outperforms all market-leading profiles in the 1200-watt range and is even an alternati...
89 Available
0 New
89 Used
2 736,26 €
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC Viper Wash DX is a full-feature, full-range wash luminaire with a unique internal barndoor system (shutters) that enables designers to shape and control light projection onto stages, performers, scenery, scrims or any set element with great precis...
39 Available
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39 Used
3 833,70 €
by Coemar in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

KEY FEATURES: • “MULTI-lamp” concept ready• Amazing linear fast zoom range from 44° down to 10°• Bright as a 1200 W fixture, in a package 1/3 the size and 60% of the power• Space, weight, power saving• Fully equipped effects engine• Artnet control protoco...
10 Available
0 New
10 Used
2 709,33 €
by Space Cannon in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Space Cannon Ireos Pro VHT automated searchlight used to create New Yorks \"Tribute in Light\" displays the utmost in a fixture designed for large events and shows. The Ireos Pro VHT fixture offers the most outstanding features available in...
80 Available
0 New
80 Used
3 793,06 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

A brand new ColorBeam 2500E AT is the most powerful moving head coming from Robe. ColorBeam 2500E AT delivers extremely bright, strong and punchy beam light output. This product is dedicated to the largest applications where extremely powerful beam-effect...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
3 274,29 €