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by Miscellaneous in More \ Cables - Snakes

Various makes and models of Audio Snakes. See individual listings for details....
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1 121,32 €
by Miscellaneous in More \ Cables - Snakes

Find various Fiber Optic Cable here. See individual listings for details....
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309 €
by Roland in More \ Cables - Snakes

This unit has 32 inputs + 8 outputs and is typically installed at stage side. The AD/DA conversion is 24bit/96kHz. High quality XR-1 pre-amps are provided for each input channel, which can accept both mic and line level inputs, eliminating the need for di...
1 Available
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2 469 €
by TMB in More \ Cables - Snakes

ProPlex DMX CPC Snakes. Multiple DMX512 universes over a single ProPlex CAT5e cable with durable CPC connectors. Custom configured with any combination of 3- or 5-pin XLR connectors on the break-outs. Available in lengths up to 330 ft....
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Aviom in More \ Cables - Snakes

Aviom Digital Snake Package. See individual listings for Digital Snake Package details....
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Marshall Electronics in More \ Cables - Snakes

Mogami Gold 8 TRS-XLRM (5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 ft) Famous for neutral tone, remarkable detail and noise-free background Channels are individually shielded with numbered, Techflex™ protected jackets Assembled with top quality gold contact TRS and XLR connect...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Seismic Audio in More \ Cables - Snakes

SAEM-24x8x100 - 24 Channel XLR Color Coded Snake Cable - 100 Feet Model #: SAEM-24x8x100 100' Pro Audio Color Coded Snake Cable Sends: 24 XLR Male Connectors Returns: 8 XLR Female Connectors Installed or on-the-go, Seismic Audio cable snakes are built t...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Wireworks in More \ Cables - Snakes

Wireworks 100' snake system complete...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Wireworks in More \ Cables - Snakes

Wireworks MSB Series Transformer Isolated Microphone Splitters are constructed in a heavy duty steel stage-box with female XLR inputs and male G-Block multipin outputs. The stage-box design can be positioned on the floor or can be wall mounted in permanen...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Ramtech in More \ Cables - Snakes

STGBX-48-RK Series Stagebox features the first 48 channels with female XLR's with ground lift switches and channels 49-54 have female and male XLR's used for either input or return. These XLRs can be replaced with 4ea CPC sub inputs if desired. There are...
Temporarily Out Of Stock