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by Yamaha in More \ Cables - Snakes

The SB168-ES is an affordable 3U-size stage box that utilizes EtherSound technology to propagate digital sound signals. When connected to popular all-in-one digital consoles like the PM5D, LS9, or M7CL, the SB168-ES offers superb support for live sound. 1...
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820 €
by Miscellaneous in More \ Cables - Snakes

Find various Fiber Optic Cable here. See individual listings for details....
4 Available
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950 €
by Miscellaneous in More \ Cables - Snakes

Various makes and models of Audio Snakes. See individual listings for details....
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3 100 €
by Other in More \ Cables - Snakes

*  CBI / Belden Individually Shielded Multipair Wire - Black Flexible Jkt     * Heat Shrink Tubing - Double Layers at Connector and Junction     * Contrasting Numbers covered with Clear Heat Shrink on Fanout     * Stage Box is 14/16 Ga Rolled Steel, Durab...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Peavey in More \ Cables - Snakes

Peavey 16/4 models with XLR or 1/4" returns - All-metal chassis - Soldered connectors - Color-coded returns for easy identification - Only available in 100' lengths - Weight Unpacked: 33.51 lb(15.2 kg) - Weight Packed: 36.60 lb(16.6 kg) - Width Packe...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Peavey in More \ Cables - Snakes

16-pair 75ft audio link is designed with gold contact Neutrik panel mount XLR returns and glow-in-the-dark, markable, channel identification panels on the chassis. Shielded, tin-electroplated conductors and tough black matte finish PVC cable jacket makes...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Behringer in More \ Cables - Snakes

Digital mixing has revolutionized virtually everything in the live-entertainment production workflow. Now we have come up with the perfect solution for connecting the onstage talent with your Front of House (FOH) console, and the rest of the world – the u...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Whirlwind in More \ Cables - Snakes

It is the most affordable digital snake / digital console pairing available today - you only need the stage side of an E Snake! In fact, E Snake is compatible with any Yamaha product that supports MY16-CII CobraNet, MY16-ES64 or AVY16-ES Ethersound I/O ca...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Whirlwind in More \ Cables - Snakes

We designed our new Connect Series snakes with many of the same features found in our world famous Medusa® Standard snakes. Connect Series snakes feature: Fanouts with multiple layers of rugged heat shrink at the most critical points Metal wire mes...
Temporarily Out Of Stock