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by Lightlink in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

Product type: LR Pro Pixel pitch:  2.6mm / 2.9mm/3.4mm/3.9mm/4.8mm Brightness:1000nits-1300nits Cabinet material: Die Cast Aluminum Excellent Design High contrast, high refresh rate, high strength, ultra-thin design Applications Products of  LR Pro series...
401 Available
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2 280 €
by Miscellaneous in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

Find various Complete LED Video Walls here. See individual listings for details....
815 Available
760 New
55 Used
221,23 €
by Lightlink in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

Product type: LR-PLUS Pixel pitch: 3.9mm/4.8mm/5.9mm/8.9mm Brightness: 1000nits/3000nits-5500nits/3000nits Cabinet material: Die Cast Aluminum More convenient maintenance Upgrade the design for module disassembly (better than LR-Pro) Don’t need open the b...
295 Available
26 New
269 Used
492,61 €
by ROE in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

MC series products can be multi-angle folded, mix and match, mismatch, hollow to satisfy design. MC7 H makes use of a revolutionary new black waterproof LED , improving the contrast enormously. By using magnets, assembling has never been so easy and can b...
531 Available
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531 Used
444 €
by Ayrton in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

The new modular LED imaging display DREAMPANEL GHOST 256 is the ultimate evolution of the DREAMPANEL range. Provided with a high resolution of 1 820 pixels per m2, 23,44 mm pixel pitch, 5 100 nit brightness and a transparency over 50%, DREAMPANEL GHOST 25...
5 Available
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5 900 €
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

The SLite 10 LED display achieves a visual resolution of 10mm versus a physical resolution of 20mm, thanks to Barco’s proprietary Dual Pixel Technology, which doubles the visual resolution of an LED display. Thanks to the high fill factor of the LED compo...
16 Available
0 New
16 Used
12 000 €
by Lighthouse in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

Lighthouse is bringing a brand new quality look to indoor LED displays with the introduction of the Rn4-S standard edition LED panels, designed for the indoor rental markets. With 2,000 nits of brightness, wide viewing angles and M4 color uniformity contr...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
29 456,47 €
by Lightlink in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

Product type: LM Pro4 Pixel pitch: 4.8mm Brightness: 3000nits-4000nits Cabinet material: Die Cast Aluminum The birth of LM-PRO just for achieving our customer’s every stage deductive value. It’s not only pursuing the perfect appearance, but also for a bet...
22 Available
22 New
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18 576,88 €
by Nationstar LED Billboards in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

NATIONSTAR has various RGB LEDs by 9 dimensions, from 0606 to 3535, with different brightness and pixel pitch levels.  See individual listings for item specific details. Contact your GearSource Representative with any questions....
266 Available
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266 Used
232,60 €
by Lighthouse in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls

Created for the most demanding indoor rental applications, Lighthouse’s Rn6-B 6mm LED panel delivers exceptional picture quality along with fast, flexible installation. Extending Lighthouse’s best-selling 6mm format, it is the ideal visual media for world...
1 Available
1 New
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19 999 €