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by Elo Touch Solutions in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The LCD touchscreen monitor offers a flexible, space-saving design. Built to meet the durability and aesthetic requirements for a variety of high traffic retail and hospitality interactive solutions. The touchmonitor is available with industry-leading Elo...
8 Available
0 New
8 Used
229,25 €
by MA Lighting in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The grandMA2 fader wing offers a comfortable way to increase the number of motorized executor faders and executor buttons. Up to four grandMA2 fader wing can be connected to a console – i.e. 60 extra motorized executor faders are available in total. The g...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
1 699 €
by MA Lighting in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The MA onPC command wing paves the way for mobile use of the highly flexible and powerful grandMA2 control system. In combination with the free of charge grandMA2 onPC software, the MA onPC command wing is a portable 2,048 parameter control solution that...
14 Available
0 New
14 Used
3 500 €
by MA Lighting in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The grandMA2 ultra-light features the full network performance of the MA Lighting family with the best price-performance ratio. All controls are at the same place as on the on bigger consoles. With its 4,096 parameters and 6 DMX outputs the grandMA2 ult...
4 Available
0 New
4 Used
8 919,54 €
by MA Lighting in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size. The grandMA2 light is the perfect tool to control all kinds of ligh...
16 Available
0 New
16 Used
15 294 €
by MA Lighting in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The grandMA2 full-size represents MA Lighting's most powerful console and offers the control of conventional light, moving lights, LED fixtures and media from on one platform. Equipped with the most up-to-date technology and even some special features (...
32 Available
0 New
32 Used
15 679 €
by Wireless Solutions in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

There are one or two operating modes for W-DMX G4 units, depending on which unit you have purchased: W-DMX G4 Receivers to receive W-DMX signals (denoted with an R in their product model name) W-DMX G4 Transceiver to receive, transmit or repeat W-DMX sig...
7 Available
0 New
7 Used
275,56 €
by Avolites in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Pearl Expert is based on the Pearl 2004 operating system, retaining the user-friendliness and accessibility of Avolites Pearl consoles. Pearl Expert is powered by the new Intel Core™Duo Processor giving an exceptionally high speed button response which i...
5 Available
0 New
5 Used
2 160 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The Road Hog Wing concept is unparalleled – and the intelligent design includes a 12” touchscreen monitor, high-quality programming or playback controls, and DMX output capabilities. The Wings are equally at home next to a console or as part of a Hog 3PC...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
689,47 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

A New Breed of Hog Designed from the ground up to provide superb lighting control with powerful programming procedures, the Road Hog is a true thoroughbred automated lighting console. Its simple and intuitive operations as well as cost effectiveness offer...
12 Available
0 New
12 Used
900 €