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by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

Long-throw 45mm oil-damped faders with dust cover for increased accuracy and resolution All-new proportional-Q filters provide optimum control without undesirable audio artifacts Gain control with +6dB/-infinity range and centre detent at unity gain. Allo...
9 Available
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199 €
by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

Graphic equalisers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback control and general audio sweetening. Traditionally, much general eq'ing takes place on the faders alone, but this restricts the use of the faders at eac...
13 Available
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13 Used
139,60 €
by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix equalizer is a two-channel audio equalizer packaged in a 2RU, 19” rackmounting format. The two channels can be controlled independently as two separate mono equalizers or linked for stereo operation. The unit has been designe...
3 Available
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3 Used
1 100 €
by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

Very occasionally, a design is so correct from the very start that it needs little or no development over many years. The Klark Teknik DN360 has been in continuous production for over twenty years with only one minor design revision, and is still the most...
35 Available
0 New
35 Used
125,98 €
by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The FCS-960 is a 30-band graphic equalizer featuring Dual Mode switching between Normal and Fine filter width settings on each channel. The FCS-960 provides two channels in 3U of rack space. Constant Q-filters with filter-bypass centre taps are controlled...
15 Available
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15 Used
125,98 €
by APEX in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The heart of all PE- equalizers graphic section is a bank of 30 constant-Q bandpass filter made with Dynamically Laser Trimmed (DLT) hybrid circuits. The DLT-technology offers you ultra accuracy and artefact-less frequency, phase and amplitude response, t...
4 Available
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4 Used
62 €
by DBX in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

Why just rock the house when you can rattle the foundation loose. The wildy popular beat of "House Music" is likely to be driven by the throbbing, low-end bass of dbx Subharmonic Synthesizers in clubs around the world. For decades, the patented...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
116 €
by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The Klark Teknik DN3600 Programmable Graphic Equalizer is a quality, digitally controlled, two-channel, third-octave, 30 band equalizer that combines state-of-the-art audio performance with unprecedented ease of use in a two rack-space unit. Features: •...
3 Available
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3 Used
196,34 €
by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

Unique, immediate and tactile, the DN9331 Helix RAPIDE offers direct access to all of the graphic equalisation functions of Helix digital equalisers. Instant recall of fader positions is made possible by the use of thirty one console-quality 100 mm long t...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
2 750 €
by XTA in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

H.F Trim section with adjustable gain and frequency allows fast adjustments to be made to overall H.F response. This obviates the need for system re-voicing when, for example, changes in humidity or audience size occur. Filter design is carefully optimis...
18 Available
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18 Used
275 €