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by Arri in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The AS18 is an 1,800 W PAR style lamphead, combining industry-standard ARRISUN features with the innovative True Blue design. The result is an exciting new class of HMI, as small as a 1,200 W PAR but with a 70 % higher light output. The use of an 1,800 W...
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2 799 €
by Arri in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Together with the Compact range, ARRISUN lamps are workhorses of location lighting; whenever punch or bounce light is required on set, an ARRISUN provides the ultimate answer. For the first time the precise interaction of lamp, reflector and converter len...
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1 299 €
by ADB in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Find various ADB Fresnels here.  See individual listings for item specific details....
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95 €
by ADB in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

EUROSPOT F51 18° – 65° Fresnel spotlight The F51 is characterised by a soft-edged beam variable from a tight spot of 18° to a wide flood of 65°. Dimensions: 245 x 220 x 240 mm. Net weight: 2.2 kg...
99 Available
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119 €
by ADB in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The Top Quality Reference in Studio and Stage Lighting Designed for meeting the stringent lighting requirements of professional TV studios, these spotlights, fitted with a high quality Fresnel lens, provide a soft-edge beam with excellent light distribut...
24 Available
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149 €
by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

This fixture is a static colour changer with a fresnel lens. The ColorMix 250 AT is aimed at theatres, TV studios, stage lighting and interior and exterior architectural lighting. Features include CMY colour mixing plus an additional colour wheel, six dic...
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284,88 €
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Find various Fresnels here. See individual listings for details....
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50,95 €
by Arri in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The Daylight range using Double-Ended daylight lamps has been the main stay of the film industry for many years. ARRI AD Spotlights have the largest lenses in their class and the finest light Distribution so far. The smaller Daylight wattages have been su...
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2 499 €
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79 €
by Filmgear in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Filmgear Tungsten TV Fresnel 1000W Studio  Identity No.: L0100VTF Capacity: 1,000W                                                        Voltage: 100 - 250V AC Fresnel Lens: Ø175mm (6-7/8 in.) Lamp Type: 1000W SE Color Temp.: 3200K Lamp Holder: G22 Class...
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309 €