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by Audio Technica in Pro Audio \ Installations

Quick-mount plug-in cast-metal desk stand. XLRF in, XLRM out connectors. On/off mute switch for phantom-powered microphones....
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7 €
by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Installations

Bosch PLN-6CS Call Station for PLN-6AIO240, 6-zone. Stylish, high?quality six?zone Call Station for the Plena All?in?One System Six?zone selection keys with LED indicators, and an ‘all?call’ key Momentary Press To Talk (PTT) key Configurable gain, spee...
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161,70 €
by Bosch in Pro Audio \ Installations

The All-in-One Unit is the main product of the All-in-One System and integrates the following components: a 240 W mono mixer amplifier. SD and USB player that can play MP3 encoded files from SD and USB devices. a digitally controlled AM/FM-tuner for rece...
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981,77 €
by Cloud Electronics Ltd. in Pro Audio \ Installations

The Z8ii offers direct connection of up to six music sources, two microphones and a paging mic, all of which can be selected to operate in up to eight different output zones, in any combination. The Z8ii offers the complete solution for multi-zone, multi...
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590 €
by Philips in Pro Audio \ Installations

The LBB 3420 is a housing that can accommodate the various application modules used to create a transmitter. It can be used in 19" rack mounting or table-top configuration, and has its own built-in power supply. It accepts up to seven modules, which...
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2 450 €
by FSR in Pro Audio \ Installations

FSR's Flagship UL Listed Floor Box. The FL-500P floor box combines rugged construction and an elegant design for use in carpet, tile or wood covered floors over poured concrete applications. This floor box has ample compartment room to accommodate power,...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by AtlasIED in Pro Audio \ Installations

Convenient assembly is 1-1/2 cu. ft. with 1/2" thick fiber board. Package includes above specifications and premounted baffle (included) is recessed into the enclosure for flush appearance. Back plate is removable for installation ease. Finish is tex...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Installations

Aviom RK6 Rack-mount Kit....
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Lowell in Pro Audio \ Installations

The LFD-series of surface-mount front doors are engineered for 19"W racks. Each door features a 45-degree bevel on four sides, 180-degree open-swing access, and quick in-field changeability from right to left swing by simply moving the hinges (no dri...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Other in Pro Audio \ Installations

The Stealth Acoustics model B22G is a compact, two-panel monaural subwoofer speaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation. The subwoofer has a heavy duty rigid frame that attaches directly to standard structural framing. The paintabl...
Temporarily Out Of Stock