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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

Introducing the World’s Smallest and Lightest 20,000-lumens Filterless Laser Projector. The New Gold Standard in Events Staging. Panasonic’s groundbreaking PT-RZ21K Series 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser projector combines flagship picture quality produced b...
45 Available
20 New
25 Used
13 448,13 €
by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

The PT-RZ670 Series projectors are the next generation in projection technology. These lamp-free WUXGA and WXGA 1-Chip DLP projectors utilize a laser light source and filter-less design for 20,000 hours or more of 24/7/365 continuous and maintenance-free...
16 Available
0 New
16 Used
5 042,25 €
by Epson in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

Promising long-life laser projection for large venues, the EB-L1505U is the world's first 12,000 lumens WUXGA LCD laser projector. Images will have rich, vivid colours thanks to Epson's 3LCD technology and equally high White and Colour Light Output. With...
35 Available
10 New
25 Used
12 887,98 €
by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

Wide spectrum colour with up to 7.200 lm (centre) brightness With the next generation of the DLP technology the RZ770 series is delivering high resolution in detail and the dual laser modules outputting a brightness of up to 7.200 lm (centre). Due to the...
13 Available
10 New
3 Used
8 740,88 €
by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

10,000 lumens-class compact Solid Shine laser projector - PT-RZ970 Designed for intensive usage and long lasting brightness in education, museums, exhibitions and digital signage applications. High Picture Quality and Long-lasting Reliabili...
207 Available
11 New
196 Used
11 208,44 €
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

The stunning image quality and laser phosphor light source of Barco's F80 projectors enable you to provide exceptional experiences while saving both time and money. They're designed for fixed installation in a wide range of applications such as museums, b...
13 Available
10 New
3 Used
9 973,75 €
by Epson in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

At 25,000lm, Epson has developed the brightest ever 3LCD laser projector. Combining 3LCD technology with 4K enhancement and 4K-quality lenses, the EB-L25000U offers both complete flexibility and outstanding image quality. These features, plus a sealed opt...
31 Available
10 New
21 Used
22 999 €
by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

High-brightness in a small package RQ22K is the number one compact and lightweight projector in the high-brightness class and it has the smallest footprint of any 20,000lm projector. At just 54kg, it’s also extremely lightweight and easy to handle, making...
10 Available
10 New
0 Used
97 028,45 €
by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

Benefits of the PT-RZ120 High-Quality Pictures and Long-Lasting Reliability Combines 1-Chip DLP imaging with proprietary SOLID SHINE Laser technology for accurate and immersive pictures at 12,000 lm Dynamic Contrast realizes high 10,000:1 contrast withou...
31 Available
20 New
11 Used
15 129,49 €
by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

The PT-RQ32K delivers game-changing 4K+ laser projection, offering the unique opportunity to upgrade image quality while reducing total cost of ownership. Our 4K+, 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser flagship is unique, maintaining image consistency for longer w...
4 Available
0 New
4 Used
72 851,23 €