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by Clay Paky in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The CP Color 400 is a 400 W colour changer that stands out for the quality of its colours, created with extremely pure and bright dichroic filters. It is ideal for TV studios, theatres, indoor architectural lighting, shops and shopping centres, exhibition...
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500 €
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Miscellaneous Blinders, see individual listings for more details....
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62 €
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Find various Lamp Bars and Par Bars here. See individual listings for more details....
22 Available
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31 €
by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The Coloram II System consists of mechanical dowsers, scrolling color changers, gobo changers and power supplies in a complete range of models offering ease of setup and use. The lightweight dowsers and color changers slide easily into the gel frame holde...
15 Available
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186 €
by ADB in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

A "must" for Professional Lighting Designers These high quality stage spotlights for 300 / 500 / 650 Whalogen lamps have established themselves as a reference product for Theatre Professionals all over the world. Their excellent reputation is d...
178 Available
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39 €
by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Perhaps the most versatile of the Juliat profiles, the 600 SX is the classic 1K/1.2K theatre fixture. Available with 3 different variable zoom options to cover every throw distance required, the 600 SX is equally happy with on-stage positions, overhead an...
45 Available
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499 €
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The Generico blinder is a purpose built fixture, the first of its kind as a commercially available solution for high output compact size.Typically referred to as an Audience Blinder or "Mole Fay", these units utilize 650 watt DWE high powered la...
60 Available
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99 €
by Philips in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Tempo is a complete floodlighting range offering a wide choice of lamp types and symmetrical and asymmetrical reflectors. It is designed for general-purpose floodlighting, and is particularly suited to small- to medium-scale area or surface lighting. The...
290 Available
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79 €
by DTS in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

RAPTOR is the most compact Beam moving head on the market: just 37 cm x 50 cm. RAPTOR projects the most powerful beam of light (150.000 Lux / 15 m), and the most concentrated one. RAPTOR can perfectly focus its 17 gobos at any distance. Its unique selecta...
405 Available
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1 350 €