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by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Elation EZ6-SC Sending Card for EZ6....
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35 €
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218,88 €
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Find various Lighting Parts. See individual listings for details....
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2,31 €
by Rainbow in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Power Supply – MAXI 4 and MICRO PSU The MAXI 4 PSU is a power supply and DMX splitter for 24 ‘small’ Colour Changers (6", 8" and 12") or 12 ‘big’ units (15" and 8-Lite). The Colour Changers are connected via separate XLR4 outputs. Op...
53 Available
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71,61 €
by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Allows for the attachment of any V-Mount style battery (sold separately) Attaches to the back of the LitePad Vector V-Mount Assembly 292000808402...
4 Available
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4 Used
110 €
by Coemar in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Find various Coemar Lighting Parts here. See individual listings for details....
16 Available
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875,52 €
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

For linear motion patterns in Xspot. The LithoMotion/Iris Module is an optional accessory for the x.Spot fixture. It replaces the Rotating Gobo/Iris module in Slot 3 of a standard configuration x.Spot fixture.Combined with color and effects of Modules 1 a...
4 Available
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87 €
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Color Frame/Gel Frame For Par56 Fixtures, Black or Natural Aluminum....
200 Available
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200 Used
15 €
by MBN-PROLED in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

The MBNLED 19” RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY X3 equals three single MBNLED RGB MULTI power supplies in one 19” casing. Thereby each MBNLED 19” RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY X3 provides 9 channels. The DALI and 1-10 V option is not available togehter with the 19“ POWER SUPP...
4 Available
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250 €
by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

TVL3BAT BATTERY PACK FOR TVL 3000-II WW TVL 3000-II DW TVL 3000-II CW SPECIFICATIONS Battery Life: 5 hours (When TVL3000-II is used at Full On) Charge Time:  2.5 hours (Full charge) Battery Volume Checking Button  Switch for Power from Battery or Power f...
12 Available
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12 Used
487,66 €