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by Celco in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

• 2 inputs on XLR5 pins (Assignable to 10 outputs) • 8 outputs on XLR5 pins • 2 outputs on XLR3 pins with DATA Inverters for M ... .n and others • All outputs are opto-isolated (no electrical connection possible between input / output and output) • Power...
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495 €
by XTA in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The DS800 is an 8 input, 32 output self contained audio distribution system. In standard format each input is split into two transformer-isolated outputs (-10dB level) and two actively balanced outputs. The unit can be internally reconfigured to give mo...
3 Available
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865 €
by Palmer in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The Press Patch Box is a special kind of audio signal distributor intended for use at press conferences. It features separate inputs for microphone and line signals (from a mixing console output). A high quality input amplifier with a transformer balanced...
1 Available
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722 €
by BSS in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The AR-416 is an active 4-channel direct injection unit. Each channel includes: High impedance of 1M Ohm. A 1/4" instrument jack per channel with both parallel and buffered link outputs on 1/4" jacks to feed into backline amps. A low impedanc...
1 Available
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211 €
by Analog Way in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The DVI213 Trident DVI Splitter from Analog Way is a dual channel, triple-output DVI distribution amplifier. It accepts a high-resolution video signal on DVI-D connectors and outputs three identical signals on dual-channel DVI-D connectors....
2 Available
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2 Used
247 €
by Licht-Tecknik in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The SMS 28 is a magician with DMX signals and combines functions that would otherwise require multiple devices in a compact 1U - 19 "chassis.The slot has 2 DMX inputs and 8 galvanically isolated and buffered outputs, a display, Mode selector switch a...
20 Available
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801 €
by Elation in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The new EPV DVI 4 is a 4-way DVI signal splitter/booster which features (1) DVI input and (4) DVI outputs, digital and analog signal compatibility, 165Mhz pixel rate support, 1920 x 1200 @60Hz max resolution, compatible for all Elation video products, plu...
20 Available
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20 Used
239,14 €
by Elation in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The EVLED VDS8 is an eight-way data splitter that was specifically designed to distribute data to each column or row of an EVLED video wall. Each output amplifies signal and increases data stability within a video wall system. When more than eight columns...
16 Available
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16 Used
597,41 €
by Telex in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

UAD-2 Antenna Splitter - Drives up to four diversity receivers using a single pair of antennas to conserve rack space and eliminate the “antenna farm” (8 TNC output cables included)- Supports “cascade” arrangement of multiple UAD-2 splitters to allow you...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Telex in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

Passive source assign-panel that allows rapid assignment of any one or six inputs to any one of twelve outputs. An expansion connector is provided to allow an additional IC6SX to be connected together for a total of 24 outputs....
Temporarily Out Of Stock