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by Kuzar in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Stands & Supports

NEW MODEL: K-31 LIFTING TOWER Kuzar has launched the new range of polyvalent aluminum towers, the K-31 is a tower sections longer than the K-30 capable of lifting STRUCTURES and AUDIO SYSTEMS LINE ARRAY PA and more height. 4 legs with adjustable mounts di...
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2 840 €
by Miscellaneous in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Stands & Supports

A pantograph is a mechanical device that enables a load to be suspended by the means of balancing the load with two or more constant tension springs. Once balanced the load can be positioned at any height within the range of the Pantograph by simply raisi...
1 Available
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3 900 €
by Matthews Studio Equipment in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Stands & Supports

The Super Crank-O-Vator is a portable hand-crank elevator stand for large, heavy lighting fixtures weighing up to 200 lbs. This unique stand has a double riser system with both sections elevating at the same time.The lower section elevates with use of a c...
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5 000 €
by Other in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Stands & Supports

Compact lift structure composed of four aluminium stacking trusses Ref. TA500-1500 (500 x 500 x 1500 mm) (1? 7.68? x 1? 7.68? x 4? 11.05?). Mast section is fitted with two joining braces that have aluminium couplers ABZ-24 that give maximum stability to t...
1 Available
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4 000 €
by Eurotruss in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Stands & Supports

Eurotruss Sound Towers are in principal stand alone towers to erect and support big PA Clusters or Screens at a given optimum height. The Sound Towers are all designed and calculated to perform in the outdoor scene. ...
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4 500 €