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MAC2000 Wash XB

MAC2000 Wash XB
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MAC2000 Wash XB
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Martin Mac 2000 Wash XB

A 48 hour warranty is included. 


The MAC 2000 Wash XB takes the proven qualities of the market’s wash light of choice, the MAC 2000, and adds even greater brightness Since its release for the new millennium, the MAC 2000 Series has built up a reputation for superb performance and technical excellence, and has been hugely influential in the market. With the MAC 2000 Wash XB, Martin lets you continue your relationship with the MAC 2000, only now with 40% more brightness. 1500 W lamp The 1500 watt Osram lamp enables an extremely bright output of over 60,000 lumens, depending on the lens option used. The new electronic ballast offers hot-lamp re-strike and the advantage of flicker-free light. The powerful fans ensure that the extra heat generated by the lamp is removed efficiently. Flexible lens system The motorized zoom works with the four lens options (three supplied and one accessory). This provides a choice of spread-angles for long-throw projection and flat, even projection over short distance. As something special, the zoom lens can also be removed entirely, for the ‘hyper-mode’ that gives a fixed but intensely power beam. Very narrow lens (accessory) 9.5° - 33° Narrow lens (supplied) 12.5° - 35° Medium lens (supplied) 12.5° - 39° Very wide lens (supplied) 73° - 91° Vary and adapt colors The two four-position (plus open) color wheels are interchangeable, allowing you to complement perfectly the CMY color mixing system. The continuously variable color correction system adds that extra flexibility to gradually and smoothly increase or decrease color temperature. Smooth dimming and strobe effects Variable and smooth dimming and strobe effects are provided from the combined dimmer/shutter. Mechanical dimming is from 0 to 100%, and the shutter offers rapid strobe effects up to 10 Hz, with instant open and blackout. In addition to mechanical dimming, an optional dimming wheel can replace one of the color wheels. This is useful for designers with a specific need for even smoother dimming. High efficacy and efficient optics The MAC 2000 Wash XB keeps the same optical train, effects and form factor as the MAC 2000. The extremely high output from the MAC 2000 Wash XB is made possible by a combination of high efficacy and very efficient optics. However, the MAC 2000 Wash XB also has a reduced 1200 W mode, if you require the fixture to match existing 1200 W fixtures, saving energy and increasing lamp life. Reduced 1200 W mode High efficacy and very efficient optics characterize the MAC 2000 Wash XB. However, the MAC 2000 Wash XB also has a reduced 1200 W mode, if you require the fixture to match existing 1200 W fixtures, saving energy and increasing lamp life. Easy to use and maintain With the MAC 2000 Wash XB, you can still enjoy the proven advantages of modular construction for ease of maintenance, auto-ranging switch-mode for worldwide use, and the rugged reliability that has made the MAC 2000 a market leader. Upgrade your MAC 2000 Wash fixtures The Upgrade Kit includes a new 1500 watt lamp, lamp socket module, electronic ballast, starter, heat filter, fans for more efficient cooling, color mixing module, base cover plates with new logo plus other minor parts. The Upgrade Kit can be installed quickly and easily, with the skilled assistance of a technician from your local Martin partner. As part of the Upgrade Kit, Martin offers a buy-back program, where you can return the electronic ballast from your current MAC 2000 Wash fixtures, making the Upgrade Kit an even better investment for your business.