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Verona Series Analog Audio Console (Midas)

Verona Series Analog Audio Console (Midas)
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Verona Series Analog Audio Console (Midas)
Verona Series Analog Audio Console (Midas)
Verona Series Analog Audio Console (Midas)
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This desk is in absolute pristine condition. You will never see or purchase a desk that is in cleaner condition or has never been used as little as this desk has. Bought for a sale that never happened. 

This desk was never taken out of the warehouse. Comes with a original Midas flight case.


The Verona takes the concept of the original ultra-compact Venice, MIDAS’ best selling console of all time, and elevates it to the next level. Verona delivers more inputs, more features, along with legendary MIDAS quality in a package that revolutionized the 8 buss market.

Visually, the console looks stunning; despite it’s physically modest proportions, it feels like a full-sized MIDAS to work on; and of course, most importantly of all, it sounds as good as it looks. Mechanically and electronically Verona is much more than just another 8-buss console. If you are primarily motivated by audio quality, rigid mechanical construction and long-term reliability then it is THE 8-buss console.

The Verona series consists of 4 models ranging from 24 up to 48 inputs, and incorporates all the features and components that make it look, sound and feel like a true MIDAS. Anyone who has ever bought the original Venice and loved it is going to be captivated by the Verona - you get more inputs, more features and that all-important MIDAS quality.

The Verona will handle anything from houses of worship to broadcast / recording, theatre to corporate applications, and of course concert sound.


• Frames: 240, 320, 400 and 480
EQ: 4 band
Channel Inserts: front panel switchable
SIS panning
8 Audio subgroups
8 Aux outputs
4 Mute groups
8 Multi function channels
12 x 4 matrix
Internal PSUs
External V190 PSU available as option
Touring package: flight case, Littlites and dust cover.
Install package: crate, Littlites and dust cover