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8TraXX Stereo MP3 Player

8TraXX Stereo MP3 Player

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8TraXX Stereo MP3 Player
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8Traxx lets you play eight independent stereo tracks from a single, economical rack-mount unit. It’s perfect for dark rides, museums, and interactive displays. Each track is individually triggered by its own discrete input – contact closure or voltage – allowing direct connection to proximity sensors or switches. Or all tracks can be controlled from a single RS-232 serial or MIDI port.

8Traxx stores clips in MP3 format on Compact Flash for a rugged, reliable, maintenance-free solution to your playback needs. Access time is nearly instantaneous! All eight tracks are completely independent, and offer superb audio quality.

Clips may be started, stopped or looped using external contacts or pushbuttons, serial RS-232 messages or MIDI. When using serial control you can send any of hundreds of different clips to any of the eight stereo outputs. 8-TraXX can also simply loop continuously on power-up. (The 8TraXX provides rough synch between its eight stereo pairs, but is not intended for truly synchronized playback; however our Binloop products are designed to provide up to 32 channels of synchronous multi-channel playback.)