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A16R Stereo Digital Mixer

A16R Stereo Digital Mixer

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A16R Stereo Digital Mixer
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by Aviom in Pro Audio \ Monitors: In Ear
ID: 90907 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Used - Aviom - A-16R Personal Mixer Rackmount. Photos are stock images, please contact your GearSource Sales Representative for exact pictures and product information before you purchase. We are always willing to help and provide you with the most precise...
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10 Available
118,00 €


The A-16R is a single-rack- space stereo digital mixer that can be added to any Pro16® network. Its versatile feature set makes it the ideal choice for a variety of applications on stage or in permanent installations.

the A-16R gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume and tone. Users can save and recall up to sixteen custom mixes as presets in their A-16R Personal Mixer.

Connectivity Options

For performers using wireless in-ear systems and powered floor wedges, the A-16R couples the mixing features of the A-16II Personal Mixer with additional connectivity options. Balanced outputs on the rear panel (with both XLR and 1/4" jacks) and stereo balanced insert points simplify audio connections to external processors, amps, or wireless transmitters. A front-panel headphone jack is also provided.

The rear-panel stereo Mix In jacks allow a local analog audio source, such as a click track or program material, to be added to the user's mix. A front-panel Mix In level control is also provided.

The A-16R can be remote controlled by adding the A-16CS Control Surface, allowing the A-16R to be rack mounted in an off-stage location with wireless in-ear monitor gear, amplifiers, etc. The A-16R can also be controlled via MIDI as well as RS-232 using approved third-party control systems.

Pro64 Compatibility

Adding an ASI A-Net Systems Interface to a Pro64 network allows the A-16R to output any bank of 16 channels from the Pro64 network.