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DN2000F Mk III Dual CD Player

DN2000F Mk III Dual CD Player

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Denon dual CD players for DJ/nightclub applications set the standard for performance and sound quality. The DN-2000F Mark III includes a host of new features and a new control panel design, along with improvements in technology and operation.

The control panel has been completely re-designed, with each CD transport’s status conveyed via a bright and clear FL display, which shows track, time and frame information.

Search and scan is accomplished via jog dial and shuttle wheel controls, which offer the ability to speed through the disc and access any point, with CD frame (1/75th second) accuracy.

A 10-second shock-proof digital buffer memory system provides protection against dropouts, especially useful in mobile applications or in installed environments where vibration and shock might occur.

Digital output ports (one for each transport) allow direct digital dubbing to a digital recorder or processor. Coaxial output jacks are provided, conforming to the IEC958/SPDIF format.