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Congo jr Lighting Control Console

Congo jr Lighting Control Console

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by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls
ID: 133048 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
ETC Congo Jr running Cobalt V7 FOR SALE.  Used the desk on various shows, musicals, gigs and bands and taken it to all sorts of venues and it does the job perfectly.  Perfect desk for someone starting out, it has 2x Universes of DMX with 1024 Outputs and...
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1 Available
1 785,02 €
by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Controls
ID: 103418 | Region: Africa
Condition: Excellent | Warranty: 48 Hours
The ETC congo is a great compact consol for any show type easy to use and reliable. We are selling the Congo Jnr and the expansion fader wing. We can have the ETC distributor look at the console and send a report if required....
1 Available
4 250,00 €


Congo jr – all the functionality of ETC’s Congo lighting control console, but in a smaller, compact footprint! (And add further functionality when you want it with Congo jr’s Master Playback Wing.)

Congo jr’s sleek modular 19” design packs in the identical channel and output counts as the original Congo console, while fitting into smaller venues like rehearsal halls, blackbox theaters, smaller TV studios, tiny lighting booths or space-starved touring trucks. Running Congo’s potent operating software, Congo jr is a fully independent main console or a convenient back-up desk.

Like Congo, Congo jr maintains the simplicity of a classic control system with the feature-rich functionality of a dedicated moving lights console. Congo jr gives you clean functions for everyday theater work with conventional lights, plus advanced control of hundreds of moving lights, without mouse operations or computer menus. Like the sophisticated but deadline-driven lighting shows it controls, Congo jr is high energy -- with short commands for fast results.

As with Congo, Congo jr lets you move independent channels such as worklights, conductor lights, followspot and smoke machine control to a special section that isn't affected by the rest of the system. You then see the important information, at any time, on the screens or in the console displays. And you can control your rig remotely, with your own cordless phone.

With Congo jr’s unique optional Master Playback Wing, you gain full access of the 80 Master Playbacks and the Direct Selects. The Master Playback Wing can be connected directly to either side of the console, or it may be used independently via a USB cable, giving you the freedom to configure your control area any way you like.

Simple, intuitive and innovative lighting control with a big brain for complexity wherever it arises. Congo jr – like its parent Congo -- handles the future without forgetting the past. Congo and Congo jr are ideal solutions for theater, house-of-worship, broadcast, club-system, concert and special-event lighting.