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Firestore FS-2E

Firestore FS-2E

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Bring Direct To Edit® Technology to your studio or production vehicle with the FireStore FS-2E Studio DTE Recorder. Featuring a variety of analog and digital input, output, and control options, the FireStore FS-2E can be easily integrated into your production suite, replacing broadcast tape decks.

FireStore FS-2E Studio DTE Recorder
The FireStore FS-2E provides a wide range of A/V inputs and outputs, including component, composite, S-video, SDI (with embedded audio), DV, reference video loop thru, balanced audio, and AES/EBU digital audio I/O. In addition, the FireStore FS-2E includes a reference video loop thru, audio and video monitor ports, and external timecode I/O. A variety of control options are also available, including Sony 9-pin RS-422, RS-232C, AV/C (FireWire), or wired remote control.

Powerful Recording Options
To ensure that you never miss an important shot, the FireStore FS-2E features flexible recording options, including loop record, retro cache record (records up to 10 seconds before a record trigger), retro disk record (records up to the entire available disk space before a record trigger) and user-definable time-lapse recording—all in DTE-native DV25 NLE file formats.

Robust Storage and Networking
Like all FireStore models, the FS-2E allows clips to be recorded to removable FireWire disk drives in most popular native DV NLE file formats. It includes a removable drive bay with a 120GB IDE disk drive and offers the option to daisy chain up to five external FireWire disk drives for long-duration recording. The FS-2E’s 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port also makes it possible to transfer files over a network via FTP.

Flexible Clip Management
The FireStore FS-2E provides a variety of flexible clip management and playback options. Save clips to user-definable folders during recording for easy access during playback and editing. View clips in standard play, reverse play, multi-speed forward and backward search (including slow motion), and forward/back index modes. Create and play back custom sequences using playlists consisting of entire clips, portions of clips, or segments spanning across clips. Even save multiple playlists to disk or copy them from one FS-2E to another.