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Cyberlight 2.0

Cyberlight 2.0

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by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated
ID: 114489 | Region: Europe
Condition: Excellent | Warranty: 30 Days
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10 Available
527,70 €


Some lead, some follow

Cyberlight has followed its own formula as an original since 1994.  Cyberlight, Cyberlight CX, Cyberlight SV, and Cyberlight Turbo have steadily grown in stature amid the world hierarchy of great lighting fixtures.  With over twenty-one thousand fixtures sold, Cyberlight has proven itself the Ultimate Power Tool.

A legend is reborn and an entire segment is reinvented

The Cyberlight 2.0 returns to the scene as the only fixture in its class to offer the flexibility of a moving mirror as well as bold capabilities and stunning effects.  With increased output, modern RDM and DMX control and addressing, updated software capabilities, as well as new Lithopatterns and effects, the Cyberlight 2.0 is revised while maintaining the legendary features and amazing reliability that made it a standard..

The Most Powerful Cyberlight Ever

Cyberlight 2.0 is a thoroughly modern piece of engineering that marries pure power with measured control.  The 2000w MSR short arc lamp delivers over 30,000 lumens of output via a new electronic ballast tuned to provide electronic strobing and boost functions.  Furthermore, the unit automatically reduces the current draw when the dimmer is closed, resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced heat generation.

The spirit of reinvention continues with an integrated LED menu system, 5-pin XLR connections, RDM capabilities, and an updated DMX protocol.  Improved software capabilities means faster mirror movements without sacrificing smoothness and repeatability.  The innovative TriColor effect that debuted with SHOWGUN is also now available for the first time ever in a moving mirror fixture.  The legendary Cyberlight Lithopatterns and effects have been updated to provide fresh, creative imagery.

Beautifully crafted with an emphasis on quality, precision, and refinement, the Cyberlight 2.0 packs serious muscle by continuing the established feature set that has been used on thousands of productions.  Remotely variable focus and zoom, motorized iris, variable frost and smooth dimming provide limitless beam capabilities.  The color system consists of CMY color mixing and an eight position fixed color wheel while many images are available via the eight position Litho wheel and four position rotating Litho wheel.  In addition, the unique eight position effects wheel provides amazing imagery, prisms, lens options, and more.  Combine these features with the technological updates and it is easy to see how the Cyberlight 2.0 continues to provide unlimited possibilities on any stage.