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Model 4435 monitor

Model 4435 monitor

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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio
ID: 122305 | Region: Europe
Condition: Excellent | Warranty: 90 Days
JBL 4435 Studio Monitor Speakers These are an "end game" speaker for many. I've owned the JBL4350 and these are just as good, if not even better in some areas. They seem to have a smoother and more natural midrange, along with that amazing JBL p...
2 Available
3 800,00 €


 Bi-Radial@ Studio Monitor

Developed to meet the challenge of digital and advanced analog recording technology, the JBL Model 4430 and Model 4435 represent a significant new approach to two-way studio monitor design: the incorporation of the
unique JBL Bi-Radial@ horn in a studio monitor loudspeaker. The two models also feature improvements in compression driver, low frequency transducer, and dividing network technology. Both systems exhibit the traditional JBL attributes of wide bandwidth, smooth frequency response, high efficiency, wide dynamic range, and exceptional reliability.