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LPC Series Lighting Controller

LPC Series Lighting Controller

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Equipped with 1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels of control, the LPC series is the perfect DMX lighting control console for users who desire a back to basics approach in a conventional lighting control desk but also require that the feature set grow along with their system needs. The LPC48V and LP96V lighting consoles have six programmable “Quick Looks” that are perfect for volunteer staff who just need to bring up work lights or set a look with the push of a button. The LPC series is lighting control simplified.

LPC Series lighting controller features include:
* 1 Scene, 2 Scene, Submaster & Cue Stack operation
* 512 control channels *NEW*
* 1024 DMX outputs *NEW*
* 6 “Quick Look” memories with fade times
* Numeric keypad for easy programming
* Touchscreen programming
* 48 (96) single scene faders
* 20 pages x 24 (48) submaster memories
* 999 Cue stack memories
* Graphical cue timing display
- Includes: Up/Down/Follow/Wait timing parameters
* Run multiple chases including chase “Blend” mode
* 1000 fixture groups
* Bump modes include: Solo/Add/Latch with fade
* Two models available - LPC48V and LPC96V

Theatre, houses of worship, school, rental, production, corporate events.