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FiberSource QFX150 Fiber Optic Illuminator

FiberSource QFX150 Fiber Optic Illuminator

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QFX150 Fibresource
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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Fiber Optic Illuminators
ID: 125220 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
MARTIN QFX150 Fibresource. Units are in good condtion and professionally maintained by a regional rental company. Please Contact your GearSource Sales Representative for more information including roadcases....
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The FiberSource QFX150 is an automated 150 W color-changing luminaire for illuminating fiber optic cables in permanent installations. It features a color wheel with 9 interchangeable colors and smooth, full-range mechanical dimming. Other features include a shutter and variable strobe on the dimmer wheel. Furthermore a twinkle wheel creates sparkling effects for star ceiling and star curtain installations. The FiberSource QFX150 has an extended control in stand alone mode. Via the dipswitches, virtually any combination of colors, color speed and twinkle speed is programmable. No external controller is required.