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GearSource Affiliate Program 

Review the details below or download the PDF document.   DOWNLOAD NOW 

Are you interested in growing a lucrative business in the used Production Gear business? Perhaps you lack capital to do it on your own, or wish to combine your team with ours for maximum growth opportunities?

GearSource®, the leader in movement of pre-owned production gear globally announces an Affiliate program that will enable you to capitalize on your network, relationships, your sales team, etc - but without the necessary capital outlay of starting fresh and branding your own business. Instead, you will be joining forces with GearSource®, the company who established the Global online used gear marketplace and continues to grow and lead the market today.

The purpose of this program is to provide a framework where an Affiliate can operate your own business within the GearSource® universe, branding, etc - and without a formal employment arrangement or partnership. Similar to an Agency agreement, Affiliate Program Benefits will include:

  • Commission Agreement on all Sales related activity

  • Commission Agreement on all Listings owned by you / your team, regardless of where that listing sells

  • Localized or Segment (depending on your agreement) Marketing and Messaging on all platforms

  • Daily Email Blast platform

  • Branded email addresses, business cards and company phone numbers / extensions if required or applicable, along with monthly marketing push / campaigns all covered by one convenient monthly marketing fee

  • Promotion for your “location” through our site and marketing materials

  • Discounted freight program - globally

  • In-house Logistics / order-ops support (this is HUGE - with teams in N America, Europe and Asia - to help put orders together, get them shipped, etc).

The company will consider Affiliates in either of the following:

  1. Territory Based - both exclusive and non-exclusive

  2. Segment Based (ie - Mobile Staging Exclusive for N America)

To join as a GearSource® Affiliate, the following will be required:

Level 1 Affiliate:

  1. A company that is based in the production business, but is not a direct competitor to GearSource® users.

  2. Staff who will be dedicated solely to the used gear market

  3. A manager separate from your core business

  4. Capital to invest in growing a significant business alongside the GearSource® team

  5. Fees will be assessed based on each individual case, the size of the segment or territory, etc.

  6. Monthly marketing fees TBD

Level 2 Affiliate:

  1. Yourself and/or your team need sales experience and a good network in the Production Gear business.

  2. Solid access to whatever market(s) you are requesting.

  3. The ability to quickly achieve sales levels appropriate for the territory or segment requested.

  4. A monthly Marketing Fee TBD.

  5. A minimum $5,000 fee for exclusive areas (no fee required when the territory or segment is non-exclusive)


General Conditions

  1. Both Level 1 and Level 2 Affiliates will share in the gross profit of every sale. The exact split is determined by the level, location, and other important components of each individual agreement. The profit split will cover basic licensing and use of all brands, territory (whether exclusive or non), promotion on our site as an Affiliate, leads, etc. The typical range of profit sharing is as follows:

    • Affiliate earns between 30% and 60% of all gross profits

    • GearSource earns between 40% and 70% of all gross profits

    • Affiliate earns up to 20% of gross profits on Affiliate owned listings - regardless of where and by whom that listing is sold - ie: you’ve listed a $100,000 sound system in Dubai - it is sold in Canada - with $20,000 in gross profit, you earn up to $4,000 for having only brought in the listing.

  2. Marketing fees range from $250 per month to $3,000 per month, once again, depending on several factors including the Level and size. In all cases, Marketing fees will cover:

    • Social Media marketing posts

    • Collateral when available

    • Access to all media including images, videos, etc.

    • Listings posts - exclusive for your area

    • Branding posts with your contact details

    • Individual, customized campaigns on a frequency TBD

    • Co-promotion in National or Global campaigns

    • Business Cards

    • Email account(s) *more than 2 may be charged an additional fee based on actual Gmail costs plus handling fees, etc.

    • A “company” phone number(s) will be created through our Voip phone system allowing us to route calls, leads, etc - as if you’re in our home office.

    • Contact information included on all sites

    • Leads provided via all marketing platforms

  3. Term of Agreement is normally 3 years, but may offer extensions, as long as all conditions and sales / profit targets continue to be met. The goal for the program is to develop long-term Affiliates who will remain partners for many years into the future!

If you are interested in learning more about the GearSource® Affiliate program, please contact for more information or to begin the Affiliate Application process.  

Thank you for your interest!

The GearSource Team