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GearSource Automated Inventory Management (GS-AIM)

GS AIM is an API which stands for Application Programming Interface that allows a vendor to link their inventory or rental programs directly to, and by using what is technically called a REST API.  This is an "architectural style" that basically uses the existing technology and protocols of the internet to create an integration... it is a 100% secure interface, meaning GearSource cannot gain access to the Vendor's systems or accounts, that simplifies the listing process for Vendors. 

In non-developer terms, what GS AIM does is allow a Vendor to list all or any of their gear on, and directly from their own inventory management system simply by clicking a checkbox on or off. Once the inventory items have been added, these listings will manage themselves! Not only is this a great way to quickly and easily clear out slow-moving and rental inventory, it allows the Vendor to manage cash flow more effectively by being able to manage their listings quickly and easily.

The Vendor will no longer have to manually update their listings on, and Any change made to an item, whether the price or the quantity available, will automatically be synced to the inventory listing on, and once per day (between midnight & 6AM EST). The listed items will always accurately reflect what is actually available. At any time, if a Vendor needs to pull something out of inventory for a rental, they simply take it offline and it will update their listing on, and

Candidates for GS AIM must have access to a mid-level developer who can take the detailed specifications provided by the GearSource Development team and build-out the interface in their system. The GearSource Web Dev team will also provide email or video support to get GS AIM up and running quickly and easily in the Vendor's inventory system.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Claudette Cyr at to discuss the requirements and to set-up your developer credentials.

Welcome!! You are now a registered Seller on

A variety of options are at your disposal to help you manage your inventory, from basic one-off listings to full liquidations... we can help you tailor things to your needs.

To ensure you are aware of all these options and comfortable with our processes, your Business Development Rep will be making a courtesy phone call within 24 business hours. Our goal is to help you get your gear listed and online as quickly and painlessly as possible, avoiding some of the “bumps” that may crop up if you aren’t familiar with our system or procedures. 

A couple of often-asked questions:

What does it cost to list on

Listings are FREE… you only pay when the item sells. From the moment your listings go live, we market them aggressively to get them sold for you as quickly as possible.

Why aren’t my listings online?

When you add or update listings, they are automatically taken offline and submitted for standard review by our listing staff. They will be approved within 2 business hours.

For your convenience, we have also created simple video tutorials to assist you with each step of our listing process:

  • Add a Listing : LINK

  • What is Make an Offer? : LINK

  • Pricing help with GSiQ : LINK

  • Have a lot of listings? Use our Listings Upload Option : LINK

For our complete Seller Process  click here 

If you have any questions about your account, your listings, pricing your gear or any other services offered by, please contact our Listings Manager, Carrie Bourgette, at  

Thank you for choosing as your trusted gear partner.

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